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  1. "Symphorophiliac" (NORENT038)
    by Sniveling
  2. "Vida e Visão" (NORENT021)
    by Apaixonar
  3. "Hollow" (NRR50)
    by Bordreuil / Rowden
  4. "Misgivings" (NORENT010)
    by A.S.D.
  5. "Apex Plummet" (NORENT004)
    by Sunk Heaven
  6. "A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart" (NRR71)
    by Howard Stelzer
  7. "On" (NRR137)
    by Ro
  8. "Time Dimension" (NRR128)
    by Faster Detail
  9. "You're Not Supposed To Be Alive" (NORENT007)
    by Scald Hymn
  10. "Poems E on magnetic tape" (NRR131)
    by Rene J Nunez
  11. "Trance Tapes" (NORENT031)
    by Joe Colley
  12. "Cycle" C-96 (NRR20)
    by Radboud Mens
  13. "Grays Ferry" C-20 (NRR11)
    by Gene Pick
  14. "The God Dose" (NORENT005)
    by Holy Family
  15. "Illicit Interlude" (NORENT023)
    by Gravepact
  16. "Invariably Falling Forward, Into the Thickets of Closure" (NORENT006)
    by Howard Stelzer
  17. "Severed by the Thought of A Thread" (NRR117)
    by Andrew Kirschner
  18. "Zyklon and Leather" (NRR79)
    by FFH
  19. "Improvisations - 2010" C-38 (NRR12)
    by Gagu
  20. "Rank and Filth" (NRR130)
    by Stress Orphan