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Alex Marvin

  1. Birmingham, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Living A Life Without The F
    by Dave McPherson
    Something Bad Something Bad
  2. Trilogy: Dawn
    by InMe
    Trauma: Door Slam Crescendo Trauma: Door Slam Crescendo
  3. Manmade Heaven & Hell
    by Gabriel Sucea & Axel Grassi-Havnen
    Fuck Peanuts Fuck Peanuts
    Knowing Axel personally and knowing what he is capable of achieving when it comes guitar playing, this was a must have for me. Beautifully composed EP, love every track, it was difficult to choose a single favourite as I love them all. And like a junkie to drugs, I NEED MORE!!!!
  4. The Destinations EP
    by InMe
    Pelorus Jack Pelorus Jack
  5. Streets of Rage
    by Centiment
    Defenders of Oasis Defenders of Oasis
    First getting hooked on InMe, Dave's killer vocals and wicked lyrics have drawn me in once again. Love the mixture of heavy guitars and retro noises. Love the album.
  6. The Ghosts of Pripyat
    by Steve Rothery
    Morpheus Morpheus
    What can I say? After hearing Morpheus, I knew I needed to hear more. Great album, beautifully composed, very relaxing and thought provoking.
  7. The Meaning of I
    by Voyager
    Momentary Relapse of Pain Momentary Relapse of Pain
  8. I am the reVolution
    by Voyager
    Land of the Lies Land of the Lies
  9. Welcome to the Notley Abbey
    by Atlanta Is Burning
    Welcome to the Notley Abbey Welcome to the Notley Abbey
  10. V
    by Voyager
    Summer Always Comes Again Summer Always Comes Again
    Beautiful album. I love this composition. I love the time signatures and how well the vocals are timed in with it all. Very catchy riffs and awesome tracks to sing along to.
  11. Citadels
    by Mandroid Echostar
    Ancient Arrows Ancient Arrows