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  1. Cursed To Witness Life
    by Worsen
    Sweeping, soaring, great production. Drumming is out of this world. Aoty list.
  2. Label Sampler 2020
    by Transcending Obscurity Records
  3. When No Trails (Когда Нет Троп)
    by Amber Tears (Янтарные Слезы)
  4. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu
    This is one tight unit that knows where it's coming from. They shape their future accordingly.
  5. Mortal Aspirations
    by Raventale
  6. The Everlorn
    by Sinira
    You know that feeling you are flying? Well this is the soundtrack.
  7. Opium Sunrise
    by Opium Warlock
  8. From Under The Tarn
    by S:t Erik
    Psycedelica, doom, stoner and directional sludge in one great package.
  9. We Are Only Here To Suffer
    by Gospel of Death
  10. Djinn
    by UADA
  11. split w. Almyrkvi
    by The Ruins Of Beverast
  12. Stormcrowfleet
    by Skepticism
  13. Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
    by AFSKY
  14. _
    by K
    Stunning, overwhelming, transscendent.
  15. Doomed Heavy Metal
    by Khemmis
    Excellent band which has not forgotten the craft. The clean vocals fit very well but there are also doomy elements. And to top it off they sound immaculate, as does the live stuff. Well done!
  16. False Confession
    by Weeping Sores
    No vinyl due to no job due to corona. The files ease the pain.
  17. Vortex
    by Wolvennest
  18. VOID
    by Wolvennest
    More please.
  19. Šliacham Zabytych
    Stuck at home due to corona my soul needs to be fed. This will do.
  20. Niazhasnaje