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  1. New Territory
    by Arnaud Rebotini
  2. My Rotten Heart
    by The Mon/CHVE
  3. Zău
    by Negura Bunget
  4. Of Stone, Wind, & Pillor (Remastered)
  5. Rejet
    by Treha Sektori
  6. Outlaw (incl. Terence Fixmer Remix)
    by Arnaud Rebotini
  7. Inner Speech
    by Matteo Tura and SIERRA
  8. Gone
    by Sierra
  9. All about love
    by SIERRA
  10. Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Age
    by Blut Aus Nord
  11. Monuments
    by Modern Rites
  12. A) siren city (Z
    by Addaura
  13. totem song
    by grim
  14. auto
    by am not
  15. panophobie
    by architrav
  16. the dreams and their meanings
    by anatoly grinberg
  17. Unmaker
    by LLNN
  18. 100,000 Whys
    by Wang Wen 惘闻
  19. Anatomy Of A Poet [extended edition 2021]
    by In The Nursery
  20. Excess EP