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  1. Sacrosanct
    by DREAD, Tkivilsaari
  2. Despair And Pleasure
    by DREAD
  3. Divulge
    by Nendza
  4. HoxA-8B1 Skin Confessions (Straight Binary Version)
    by Mehen
  5. Krankengymnastik
    by Sugar
  6. Marilou
    by The Sleep EXperiment
  7. Drum Spirit (Elad Magdasi Remix)
    by Sinfol
  8. Ikhet
    by Ymir
  9. Under The Black Moon
    by Foreign Material
  10. That Night
    by YUKA
  11. Amnesia
    by Cyspe
  12. Enlightenment
    by Juxta Position
  13. Bad Folder
    by Juxta Position
  14. Sun In The Night
    by Rote
  15. Theia
    by Clay Wilson
  16. Respiro Live Edit
    by Voices From The Lake
  17. Pushed All
    by LDY OSC
  18. Quadra Nove
    by Donato Dozzy
  19. Le Gouffre (Yan Wagner Belgian Trip)
    by BAGARRE
  20. Anxiety
    by Na Nich
  21. Riflesso (With Dino Sabatini)
    by Claudio PRC
  22. Magnetic Anomalies
    by Jonas Kopp
  23. A/A Revisited. SEMANTICA 75S
    by Svreca /
  24. Segmento (Svreca / Blazej Malinowski Remix)
    by Claudio PRC
  25. Untersee
    by Jonas Kopp
  26. Cybernation
    by Subradeon
  27. Our Nation
    by Subradeon
  28. M
    by Elisa Batti & CYB
  29. Neon Sculptures (Original Mix)
    by Cyb and Elisa Batti
  30. Empire
    by Fort Romeau
  31. Secondo Tempo
    by Voices From The Lake
  32. Pain
  33. Face the Fire
  34. If You Still Want me
    by Yotam Avni
  35. Panther
    by Stefan Rein
  36. 700
    by Deniro
  37. Clouds and Water (Rrose Remix)
    by Minilogue
  38. One Step Ahead (Dustin Zahn Remix)
    by Gabriella Vergilov
  39. Emerald
    by Gabriella Vergilov
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  40. 5th New Century ft. Polina (Inga Mauer Mix)
    by Philipp Gorbachev
  41. A1 IM Kellar - The Scene [Moustache Records 036]
    by Moustache Records
  42. Trembling (Efdemin Remix)
    by Sinfol
  43. Stratospheric
    by Jon Hester
  44. Radiance
    by Jon Hester
  45. Humans Of The Future (Original Mix)
    by Some Science