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  1. Thanatophobia
    by Marc With a C
  2. The Death Of Everything (single)
    by Marc With a C
  3. low fidelity (or "how i spent the nervous breakdown")
    by Marc With a C
  4. Maybe It'll Be Good: The Best Of Marc With a C!
    by Marc With a C
  5. (The Obscurity Trilogy)
    by Marc With a C
  6. (re)start
    by glitched puppet
    Fortunate Encounter Fortunate Encounter
    Fortunate Encounter is my favorite track on this album, but try again is a close second. I love the video that goes along with this album too. Though some of the details confuse me a bit, it helps explain the connection between two of the more enigmatic characters.
  7. 2012 Singles
    by Kubbi
    Motivation Motivation
    It's incredibly difficult to choose a single favorite from among all of these awesome tracks. It's a very upbeat and lighthearted album, and I love every track it has to offer!
  8. 80s Ep (MAGProm)
    by Professor Shyguy
    Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly) Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly)
    These chiptune covers of old songs came out very nicely. I especially love Spin Me Round (Dead or Alive) and Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly). The album artwork is pretty awesome as well!
  9. Age of Feminine
    by Kellee Maize
    Yesterday Yesterday
    If you're looking for some hip-hop with a message of peace and acceptance, this is the album for you! My favorite tracks are Yesterday and Struggle. I wish that the albums Owl Time and Integration were under a CC BY or CC BY-SA license. I'd buy them too if they were!
  10. Aligned Archetype
    by Kellee Maize
    Third Eye Third Eye
    I'm not a fan of Freakuency. Between the fact that Kellee comes on a bit strong in that one and the accent used, it's just not my type of music. Every single other track on this album is absolutely awesome though! I wish that the albums Owl Time and Integration were under a CC BY or CC BY-SA license. I'd buy them too if they were!
  11. An aural artistic expression
    by glitched puppet
    work in progress work in progress
    Both of these songs, and their respective videos, are a couple of my favorites from Floraverse. We get our first real look at the troupe's world in those videos, as well as see the interactions between the most prominent troupe member and one of their colleagues.
  12. BLIP
    by Professor Shyguy
    Just Stand (feat Ian Sinclair) Just Stand (feat Ian Sinclair)
    Another album packed full of Shyguy hits! Just Stand has to be my favourite, but great melodies and lyrics abound here. The line "take another piece of my heart" from Link's Epilogue also hit me pretty hard, for the non-Zelza-related meaning of the phrase. I can't wait to see how the acoustic version of this album comes out!
  13. Bazar
    by Lorenzo's Music
    Old Old Story Old Old Story
    I haven't heard music like Lorenzo's Music's work anywhere before, though I'm not familiar with cabaret. I'd love to here more! It's hard to choose a favorite track between Old Old Story, All's Good That Ends Well, and Oh Oh Oh. The saxophone and bass in this album sound fantastic.
  14. Bombs & Bodies
    by glitched puppet
    Halloween Aesthetic Halloween Aesthetic
    I love Biff. They've got some great lines in the prompt that goes with this album. "I see some of you looking nervous! They're just dead bodies. I bet you've seen dozens of them yourself. With luck, you'll even be one someday! Isn't that exciting?" Yeah, Biff. We're all excited to become dead bodies one day, ha ha!
  15. CARK (live-in-studio cassette)
    by The Marc With a C Trio
    The Bitter Half The Bitter Half
    This album is packed full of now compositions of classic songs, as well as a few songs that I don't recognize from elsewhere. The Bitter Half is one of my favorite Marc With a C songs of all time, so it's awesome getting to hear a new version of it!
  16. Carol of the Bells / Jingle Bells
    by Myuu
    Jingle Bells (Dark Piano Version) Jingle Bells (Dark Piano Version)
    I love the creepy vibe added to these yuletide classics, and I don't even celebrate Christmas!
  17. Circuithead
    by Kubbi
    Concrete Concrete
    I love every track on this album! They have a very interesting sound. However, if I had to choose a favorite ... I'm a sucker for tracks with vocals.
  18. Cylinders
    by Chris Zabriskie
    Cylinder Six Cylinder Six
    This album is very relaxing and amelodic. It's perfect for when you have a lot on your mind and want to let it wander.
    by Tri Angles
    Kubclub exclusive
  20. Direct to Video
    by Chris Zabriskie
    Direct to Video Direct to Video
    This album is full of very relaxing rhythms. This is one of Chris Zabriskie's more active albums though, so as the album name suggests, it might be a better choice if you're looking for background music for a video.