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  1. Decay and Other Hopes Against Progress
    by Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
  2. The Worst of Times
    by Come to Grief
  3. Book Of Grief
    by Iron Heel
  4. Special Split
    by chubby thunderous bad kush masters
  5. Earth Hog
    by chubby thunderous bad kush masters
  6. Årabrot
    by ARABROT
  7. Scorn
    by Primitive Man
  8. Outre
    by PORTAL
  9. Four Phantoms
  10. Of Ruin
    by Ghold
  11. The First Four Beers
    by Iron Witch
  12. Random Cosmic Violence
    by Usnea
  13. Lizardia
    by Lizardia
    Like God Like God
    Balls-out, pummeling Stoner Metal which would provide a perfect soundtrack to blazing down Route 66 in a top-down convertible
  14. Sewer Disease
    by IRN
    Rat's Disease Rat's Disease
    IRN deliver a brilliant slab of sludge here in the vein of Grief, Noothgrush etc but with better riffs and a great, creepy atmosphere!
  15. Wood & Wire
    by Coma Wall / Undersmile
    Coma Wall - You Are My Death Coma Wall - You Are My Death
    Undersmile, and their acoustic alter-ego Coma Wall, have crafted a truely exceptional split right here!

    The Coma Wall side is a little like Hex-era Earth playing Alice in Chains ballads - an amazing, and extremely rewarding, sound indeed!

    Undersmile bring it once again with their excellently foreboding drone doom
  16. Narwhal
    by Undersmile
    Milk Milk
    Undersmile show no signs of slowing down any time soon on this massive slab of punishing doom!
  17. A Sea Of Dead Snakes EP
    by Undersmile
    Crab People Crab People
    One of my favourite UK Doom bands of recent memory, Undersmile create a sound that is punishing, oppressive and mesmerizing all at once.

    Huge riffs and brilliant use of harmonizing dual vocals make this one really stand out
  18. Spell of Ruin
    by Iron Void
    Spell of Ruin Spell of Ruin
    Quality Old School-style Doom - if you're hankering for that classic sound ala Saint Vitus, Candlemass etc then look no further!
  19. Iron Void
    by Iron Void
    I Am War I Am War
    Iron Void refine their (already excellent) take on Old School style Doom on this LP, and the results are very enjoyable indeed!
  20. Tales of Blood & Fire
    by UZALA
    Dark Days Dark Days
    This definitely made my Top 10 albums list for 2013 - such a mesmerizing sound! Huge riffs and brilliantly executed vocals which range from ethereal and haunting to passionate and powerful.

    Check out my fave track |"Dark Days" for a masterclass in how to do Doom Metal right, with a great use of dynamics