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  1. Frozen Ghosts
    by Daniel Menche
  2. Wound Storm
    by Daniel Menche
  3. Rust to Rust
    by Daniel Menche
  4. Nest
    by Daniel Menche
  5. A Realistic Morning Prayer
    by Derek Baron/Zoots Houston
  6. Murray
    by Scott Thomson
  7. Ugly as Sin
    by Daniel Menche
  8. Playing Piano
    by Marla Hlady
  9. Mer
    by Luciane Cardassi / Paulo Guicheney
  10. Freedom
    by Yvette Janine Jackson
  11. mattie barbier // FACE|RESECTION
    by mattie barbier
  12. All Thoughts Fly
    by Anna von Hausswolff
  13. Wolfgang von Schweinitz- Juz (a Yodel Cry)
    by mattie barbier, wolfgang von schweinitz
  14. Experimental Flute Soundpack Vol. 1
    by Rachel Beetz
    Multi Beast 2 Multi Beast 2
    Great pack of flute samples in excellent quality. I'm going to make you into a mega microtonal Kontakt instrument, Rachel Beetz!
  15. cable theory vol. 1
    by Drew Morris
    Intonation Study Intonation Study
    This album has a nice arc and lots of surprises. I'm a fan of the synth organ sounds in "a2" particularly, and the minimalist drive makes me think of Phillip Glass, but more layered and nuanced, with dark detours. Surprisingly emotional Epilogue! The last track ("Intonation Study") is most up my current alley though. These days if I could go live inside a harmonic series, I would. This music at least creates the illusion of my desired sound-nest.
  16. Thaw of Time
    by Daniel Menche
  17. Chattermarks: Field Recordings from Palmer Station
    by Cheryl E. Leonard
  18. Frankenhorn
    by Audrey Ochoa
  19. Dirge
    by Daniel Menche
  20. Virtutes Occultae
    by Taylor Brook
    Phases Phases
    If you enjoy listening beyond 12 tones, as I do, this is a must-listen journey into extended Just Intonation. Exquisitely organized and beautiful music in many moods. Every jangly note reinforces the tonality, such that I found myself *singing the fundamental* many times. Listened to the whole album in one go, then bought it immediately.