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  1. Narratives Music 001X - Blocks and Escher - Broken (Om Unit remix)
    by Blocks and Escher (Om Unit remix)
    Blocks & Escher - Broken (Om Unit remix) Blocks & Escher - Broken (Om Unit remix)
  2. Narratives Music 011
    by Narratives Music
    Concealed Identity - Levanter Concealed Identity - Levanter
  3. Nevada Ghost / Decoy
    by Cern & Overlook
    Nevada Ghost Nevada Ghost
    My love for Overlook's grown stronger since his amazing Narratives release, then his debut LP on UVB-76 cemented it. Time to stock up on some of his oldies but goldies, and I remembered this wonderful collab 12" with Cern. Badness.
  4. Shadows Of The Past
    by Naibu
    Another Naibu beauty that I slept on for all this time. Love stumbling upon little gems like this, as the Frenchman NEVER disappoints!
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  5. Bumbaclart
    by Amoss
    While I still think dBridge & Skeptical used this vocal sample in a better context, this tune is banging and had to finally make it into my crate.
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  6. Raven Row / Far Fetched
    by Cern
    Far Fetched Far Fetched
    Such an awesome release, both sides showcase a different side of Cern's vibes and Sabre compliments him on the 160 flipside to perfection.
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  7. Skull & Bones (Stray remix)
    by Dabs & MC Kwality
    Another tune I criminally overlooked when it came out. I'd been caining the original for years now, and the time has come to vary it up with my man Stray's sick take on it.
  8. Just Like You (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) / Play With Fire (Naibu Remix)
    by Naibu
    Just Like You (Ulrich Schnauss Ethereal 77 Remix) Just Like You (Ulrich Schnauss Ethereal 77 Remix)
    How have I not bought this until just now?! Ulrich Schnauss did such a great job remixing "Just Like You" and the subtle Autumn Mix of "Play With Fire" by Naibu himself compliments it nicely. More Naibu please.
  9. Thematic
    by Dabs
    What a roller! Dabs definitely nailed the vibe and executed it just right too. Big big tune.
  10. Black Metal EP
    by Serum
    Ramparts Ramparts
    I have a love-hate relationship with Serum's music. I hate whenever he goes all noisy jump-up and too wobbly. I love when he emulates old vibes. These tunes tread the fine line between something I can get down to and sounds I don't like. "Black Metal" started to grow on me the more I listened to it, "Ramparts" reminds me of old Krust vibes (and Bristol pre-jump-up) and "Skeleton Key" was the one that reeled me in initially. Some claim these are big tunes and well, they may just be right...
  11. Dreamthief 5 LP
    by Horizons Music
    Jam Jam
    Nice and diverse compilation, quite a few interesting surprises on here. The one that takes the cake though is Hydro & War with "Jam". Timeless!
  12. Trip To Warsaw EP
    by Surly
    Train To Lodz Train To Lodz
    So hard to pick a favourite on this one. Surly's take on footwork/juke is absolutely unique and I can't wait to hear more from the guy. Big up the Polish Juke familia everytime!
  13. Angels Fall
    by DRS, LSB
    Big up LSB & DRS, this tearjerker of a tune is a worthy tribute to the late Marcus Intalex! I miss him so much and will never stop spreading love for what he did and for the legacy he left us. I can't imagine how hard it's for Marcus' family and close ones, so I wanna send love and strength to all of them. I feel grateful to have shared a few moments with Marcus when he played for us and then whenever I'd bump into him at events. Legend is a gross understatement. We will never forget you <3
  14. Coeur Calme
    by Kimyan Law
    Run Ames (feat. Robert Manos) Run Ames (feat. Robert Manos)
    Kimyan Law took the scene by storm, even though he did it in an effortless, natural and absolutely unique way. I'm a picky fucker when it comes to my DNB, but this artist here is one of those very few who instantly turned my head and made me go: "WOW". He's the breath of fresh air this music needs! So stoked for his debut gig in Poland for us <3
    by Function Records Uk
    Daylight Robbery - J Kenzo VIP Daylight Robbery - J Kenzo VIP
    Digital's vibe is special and unique and even when someone remixes his tunes, you can usually tell it's a Digital tune. That being said, all these artists nailed the vibe and I've been waiting to get on these tunes for a bit now! Not to mention that J:Kenzo remix getting stuck in my head for days. What a tune!
  16. The Right Way EP
    by Lux Familiar
    The Right Way feat. Rhythm Baboon The Right Way feat. Rhythm Baboon
    Lux Familiar is by far THE most talented juke producer in Poland. Proud to call him my friend and even more proud to see the praise his new stuff gets across the board. Mark my words: this kid is going places!
  17. EXIT 069 - Chimpo - 'Ram Dance Man' EP
    by Chimpo
    Stanna Stairlift Stanna Stairlift
    Chimpo is just one man full of surprises then, ain't he? When he gets down to writing the vibe I like (which is 3/4 of this EP!), he NAILS IT. Solid shit, if I do say so myself. Even more so that it was tough picking a fave. One day it's Bedsprings Riddim, the other it's Suga Rush but for now it's definitely Stanna Stairlift. That soulful tip, yo!
  18. EXITVS 004
    by Exit Records UK
    No Discipline No Discipline
    Tough to pick a favourite on this one. Both tunes have been heavily anticipated. Big ups to Exit for bringing the VS series back (can we have a new Aptitude release then? ;p). The Skeptical collab is a silent hurter, and the Alix Perez one? Well you probably all know that lovely dBridge vocal and been yearning to have it and play it. Well the time has come to buy it!
  19. Event Horizon
    by Despot & Abstract Elements
    Got nothing but good memories with this one, hearing it over and over in an old Presha mix. For ages I thought it'd never see the light of day, and suddenly I remembered about it, looked it up, and lo, behold! There it was... Shouts to the Russians, they know how to make their Autonomic.
  20. Fabriclive 84 Free Tunes
    by Dub Phizix
    Who Are You? Who Are You?
    Gotta love me some Dub Phizix. Mans got that crisp flavour, if you know what I mean. Big ups for sharing these with us, G!
  21. Engram 1
    by Kid Drama
    Engram 1 Engram 1
    Always the renegade, Kid Drama proves he cares not for industry rules. If not even dBridge had this before the release, you know we're talking FRESH (no Bad Company pun intended here). Tune's a great journey by the way. Not one for the ADHD generation, strictly for the Autonomic/Heart Drive aficionados and fans of good electronic music. Don't know about you, but for me this is insta-bag material.
  22. Béton Armé
    by Raiden
    Tricorn Tricorn
    This album is well underrated, but Raiden went IN on the percussion in many of these tracks. Not to mention that trademark dirty bass... Pretty interesting concept behind the LP and it makes you wish he came back from his Kamikaze Space Programme moniker to make some DNB again ;)
  23. EXIT LP016 - Richie Brains - 'Who Is Richie Brains' LP
    by Richie Brains
    Game Shades Game Shades
    Following one of the most awesome hush-marketing promo campaigns in the scene, we finally know who Richie Brains is! And all the artists involved smashed it and laid down an LP that will withstand the test of time. Oh, and kill many a dancefloor. This one a must.
  24. CONVEXDIGI002 - Lunar
    by Liife
    Heart Drive 04 podcast remains my fave of the bunch and this particular gem seemed it would remain Drama's secret dubplate weapon forever... until now! So glad it came out and I love how it evolves and the atmosphere it creates throughout. Big up Liife, cannot wait to hear more <3
  25. Movin' Forward - A Tribute To DJ Rashad
    by Machinedrum
    Machinedrum - All I Really Want Machinedrum - All I Really Want
    I was lucky enough to catch Rashad & Spinn play a show in Poland shortly before the former's untimely passing. Out of all the tribute tracks that came afterwards, this release gathers some of the best ones. Hope Machinedrum keeps exploring the footwork route, cause he's one of the best in the genre and definitely making Rashad proud...
  26. "Dawn Patrol" (Suicide088)
    by Seba & Method One
    Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol
    I've been craving a return of this particular collaboration and they came back with a bang! Alongside the Samurai 12" came this beauty, and "Dawn Patrol" is one I did not expect, and that's why I like it the most. "Eidolon" on the other hand is just as great a tune, just grab this single already. Why are you wasting your time reading this?!
  27. EXIT 063 - Fracture - 'Hype Tracks' EP
    by Fracture
    I Just I Just
    Fracture is one of those artists you just can't get enough of. Everytime you think you figured him out, he changes shit up. Sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes it's mofuggin Dawn Day Night styley. This EP is all killer no filler. Don't believe me? Listen to them hype tracks.
  28. Motif
    by Overlook
    Overlook's become one of the most exciting artists to emerge among the new school minimalistic, stripped down vibe in DNB. This tune is further proof that his style is very versatile and I can't wait to hear more of his sonic excursions that stray from the vibe I seemed to pigeonholed him in my head in. Thanks for proving me wrong mr Overlook!
  29. The Levels EP
    by The Levels
    We Could Be (feat. dBridge) We Could Be (feat. dBridge)
    Really excited to see this project kick-off. Alia Fresco's vocals are fresh and intriguing, and Loxy & Resound's production is ever as awesome. The mixture of their vibe in a different guise is next level though (pun intended). Of course like probably most people buying it I was waiting for "We Could Be" ever since hearing it in the Heart Drive 02 podcast! Big ups for releasing it, hope to hear more of that kind of vibe from The Levels <3
  30. EXIT 058 - Stray - Paradise EP
    by Stray
    Queen Queen
    You can never know what to expect from the badman Stray, even though the Since You've Been Gone mixtape and the Ivy Lab 20/20 vibed stuff on Critical kinda hinted at what could happen. Then this EP dropped and I was shocked, then amazed, and then completely consumed by these fat beats. Special props to the one traditional DNB tune on here though: Queen sounds like Stray's take on dBridge's soulful stuff. AMAZING EP that you have to buy now. Don't sleep, there is no weak tune here!
  31. EXIT 057 - Calibre - 'Strumpet' EP
    by Calibre
    Strumpet Strumpet
    Calibre is the master of understatement and subtlety and it shows in this EP. I first heard "Strumpet" through Mark System's stellar Fabriclive mix (prolly best set of 2015 for me so far) and loved it. Then I heard the rest of the previews and I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to buy this. Then I came back a week or so later and it grew on me so much I couldn't believe why I didn't hear the hidden beauty of these tunes. This is DNB for grown-ups, demands your full attention to appreciate it!
  32. Reality Tune
    by Moresounds
    This is probably THE best Moresounds tune to date. Be it the deep flowing bass, the vocal hook or the breaks - something about Reality Tune just grabs you and demands you listen. Check out the unreleased dubbed out mix that Moresounds played in his Big Up Mix as well: madness!
  33. Dead And Bury (ft. Fracture)
    by Moresounds
    Heard this tune in a few mixes and wasn't sure who it was, and while I despise a lot of ragga vocals in my music, this one fits so well and it's one of the few exceptions where I can appreciate it because of the melody, how catchy it is or just it sounding good in context. Well done, Astrophonica crew!
  34. Luv Ta Luv Ya [Fracture VIP]
    by Fracture x DJ Monita
    Luv Ta Luv Ya [Fracture VIP] Luv Ta Luv Ya [Fracture VIP]
    Fracture showed us yet again he's so in touch with the old skool that he effortlessly can translate those vibes into modern messed up hybrid styles. A must-buy for every fan of both the old skool sound and the Fracture sound alike!

  35. Transatlantic EP (BUNIT001)
    by Om Unit & Sam Binga
    Wei Wei
    Everything about this release from the cheeky label name and catalogue symbol, to the minimalistic design of the sticker to the music itself is awesome. Then again who could expect less from the Om Unit + Sam Binga duo? Love the diversity of sounds on this as well.
  36. Narratives Music 010 - Rhyming in Fives - Light Leaks EP
    by Narratives Music
    Rhyming in Fives - Light Leaks Rhyming in Fives - Light Leaks
    This is one of those EPs that's just so good that despite getting a promo of it from Narratives I still decided to buy the vinyl. Not just because I'm a Narratives and Rhyming In Fives fanboi, but simply because of how immensely beautiful this EP is. Every listen unveils new things you notice and the vibe is second to none. "Light Leaks" is definitely one of the best releases on the label so far and if you're not following them yet, then do yourself a favour and just listen to their catalogue.
  37. SOUL:R 065 - DRS - The View / Count To Ten VIP
    by Soul:r
    The View ft LSB & Tyler Daley The View ft LSB & Tyler Daley
    Another wicked sampler and now that we know the full "Mid Mic Crisis" tracklist I gotta commend Soul:R on putting out tunes that are sampler-exclusive instead of having us pay for the same thing twice! Anyway, "The View" is without a doubt one of THE tunes of 2015 so far, amazing vocals from DRS & Tyler and the production by LSB is so smooooth. Then its counterpart - the VIP of "Count To Ten" finally hits us with a jukey vibe to tear up any given dancefloor. Well done. Bring the album, I say!
  38. CNVX001 - Crimson / Azure E.P
    by Kid Drama
    AA1 Kid Drama - Crimson (Dont Look Down) AA1 Kid Drama - Crimson (Dont Look Down)
    Just when you thought the Heart Drive podcasts would spawn even more exclusive dubplates for only dBridge and Kid Drama to own, Drama comes correct! Having launched CNVX - a special sublabel of Convex Industries, this is yet another outlet next to Exit and its Pleasure District sublabel to release Heart Drive-related music. To add even more excitement, Kid Drama (aka Jon Convex, in case you didn't know) priced this first EP for a smashing 1 GBP (for a limited time, mind you, so be quick)! Win <3
  39. SOULR 064 - DRS - Puppeteer / Emergency
    by Soul:r
    Emergency ft Marcus intalex Emergency ft Marcus intalex
    If this is the shape of things to come on DRS' second album, then by all means, BRING IT! Two amazing tunes on the sampler, just buy it already.
  40. Imperial
    by Skeptical
    This has to be one of the sickest rollers Skeptical came up with so far. The percussion makes it an immense DJ tool, mixable with almost everything, while the atmosphere and vibe of the track make it even more than that. Future classic this one!
  41. XA012 - Ultimate Survival / Varka
    by Sunchase
    Ultimate Survival Ultimate Survival
    So happy Loxy finally made the back catalogue of X-Tinction Agenda available. This is one of my favourite singles on there. Sunchase comes correct on one of the most beautiful releases on this massively underrated label.
  42. Narratives 009 - Blocks & Escher
    by Narratives Music
    Blocks & Escher - Jimmy Blocks & Escher - Jimmy
    Narratives Music can do no wrong, as Blocks & Escher keep proving release after release. This one again shows a lot of contrast. Calla is a tricky one for mixing with the odd time signature, but the beautiful melodies and bass stabs make up for it. Jimmy is a tune that should have come out on Metalheadz, but I'm glad to see this label raise its profile by releasing this kind of material. Long live Narratives!
  43. Luminous
    by Calibre
    There are so many amazing Calibre tunes out there, that it's hard not to sound cliche when recommending a Calibre tune. This one rolls smoothly, the melody is subtle but recognisable. A beautiful standout track from the first DAT:Music compilation on Soul:R. Get the whole thing, while you're at it ;)
  44. BIRDIE 001 - Trevino - Trevino EP 01
    by Trevino
    Warmer Warmer
    The launch of this new label owned by Manchester-based Marcus Intalex aka Trevino came as a pleasant surprise and the debut EP as his house/techno moniker kicks it off properly. If I could sum EP 01 in one sentence it'd be: "all killer, no filler". There is NO WEAK TUNE on here. Listen for yourself and watch the birdie!
  45. SOUL:R 025 - Mist:i:cal - The Eleventh Hour
    by Mist:i:cal
    Loosing Ground Loosing Ground
    Take Marcus Intalex, ST Files and Calibre, mix them all together for a whole album and this is what you get. A timeless piece of musical, soulful awesomeness! From feel-good anthems like "Time To Fly", through emotional pieces like "Losing Ground" and words of DRS on the title track that (sadly) still sound relevant, this LP is a must for every fan of good DNB.