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  1. XLR8R+020 (GARZA of Thievery Corporation, Toada, and Blue Fields)
    by XLR8R+
    subscriber exclusive
  2. 76/79 2000-2003 UNRELEASED
    by 76-79
  3. XLR8R+019 (Visionquest: Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, and Seth Troxler)
    by XLR8R+
    subscriber exclusive
  4. XLR8R+018 (DJ Nigga Fox, RS Produçōes, BLEID, Serpente)
    by XLR8R+
    subscriber exclusive
  5. Schuttle - BH001
    by Schuttle
  6. Jorg Kuning - BH002
    by Jorg Kuning
  7. XLR8R+017 (DeWalta, Öona Dahl, and Alci)
    by XLR8R+
  8. Adam Collins - 2 Turntables EP
    by Real Deal Records
  9. XLR8R+016 (Leif, Jack Michael, and Alec Falconer)
    by XLR8R+
  10. The Drea-MM
    by The Heavyweight Kru
  11. When It Rains
    by Chris Korda
  12. Major
    by Radioactive Man
  13. Olympus
    by Victor Valiant
  14. AB52 - CZEVSKI - EP
    Universal Heart Universal Heart
    Another great album from Armadillo Brand
  15. Los Angeles, California
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  16. XLR8R+002 (Fred P and µ-Ziq)
    by Various Artists
  17. XLR8R+007 (Robert Dietz and Julia Govor)
    by Various Artists
  18. XLR8R+009 (DVS1)
    by Various Artists
  19. XLR8R+013 (Fluxion, Silverlining, Redeyes, and Keita Sano)
    by XLR8R+
    Kewakagroove Kewakagroove
  20. XLR8R+011 (Traumer, Kate Simko, and Pola)
    by XLR8R+
  21. XLR8R+015 (Circle of Live: Amp Fiddler, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert, and Vril)
    by XLR8R+
  22. XLR8R+012 (Tom Trago, Deniro, Tracey, and Darling)
    by XLR8R+
  23. XLR8R+008 (Levon Vincent, Lawrence, and Bruno Pronsato)
    by Various Artists
  24. XLR8R+004 (Hunter/Game, Cosmin TRG, and John Dimas)
    by Various Artists
  25. XLR8R+014 (Minimal Violence, LSDXOXO, Ojalá Systems)
    by XLR8R+
  26. XLR8R+001 (SIT, Huxley Anne, and Vincent Casanova)
    by Various Artists
  27. XLR8R+010 (Bjarki, EVA808, Volruptus, and Kuldaboli)
    by Various Artists
  28. XLR8R+003 (Wata Igarashi and Einzelkind)
    by Various Artists
  29. XLR8R+005 (Scuba, Alex Smoke, and Janeret)
    by Various Artists
  30. XLR8R+006 (Varg, Deadbeat, and Lapien)
    by Various Artists
  31. Nowit
  32. Seeping
  33. MIDI-Drum Compositions-4
    by dtub
  34. 2K4S x NDSOMEWARE - E2E02
  35. Believe In Yourself
    by D-Base
  36. TW (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix)
  37. ' Dire Consequences (original) '
    by Poinciana
  38. Slide
    by Carl Finlow
  39. Buddahood Vol. 1
    by B FROM E
  40. Hinode - Vision
    by Hiver - Artefakt - Hinode - Region
  41. MIDI-Drum Compositions-1
    by dtub
  42. The Crackle
    by Driss Bennis
  43. A year of time
    by Matthias Puech
  44. Dan Cough - B-Jam
    by SlapFunk Records
  45. Julian Alexander - Home In The Faraway
    by SlapFunk Records