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  1. Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
    by Bill Callahan
  2. Apocalypse
    by Bill Callahan
  3. Agitprop Alterna
    by Peel Dream Magazine
  4. What Is The Meaning Of What
    by Turing Machine
    Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar
    It's criminal that this doesn't get more attention - this was way more fun than I was expecting. Respect to TRL for spotlighting albums like this through their pay-what-you-can campaign.
  5. A few moments in
    by Benoît Pioulard
  6. Basic Combustion
    by Kevin Drumm
    Comforting and enveloping, like a synthetic re-imagining of cicadas and the low hum in a summer night.
  7. A Prayer For Peace
    by Dallas Acid's Bubble Club
    Peace I (featuring LARAAJI, Ariel Kalma, Bill Callahan & Dallas Acid) Peace I (featuring LARAAJI, Ariel Kalma, Bill Callahan & Dallas Acid)
    I heard about this through Bill Callahan's contribution, though the whole piece is worth a listen - peaceful indeed.
  8. Young Spirit | Nadir, Unfurled
    by zakè
  9. Literature
    by Tomotsugu Nakamura
    Copenhagen Copenhagen
    Nakamura's minimalist and detail-oriented cut-and-paste approach renders ordinary instrumental sounds and breathes a surprisingly warm energy into them. More than the sum of the instruments involved, this music feels imbued with a sense of magic and life. A rich and rewarding listen.
  10. Microphones in 2020
    by the Microphones
    Deep and infinite and approaching perfection - one of Phil Elverum's opuses. Life-affirming and engaged in the quest for meaning, determined in the face of existential aporia. Whether you're able to pick up on the many self-references within or this is your first journey into the world of the Microphones, you're in for a very special treat.
  11. On Your Own Love Again
    by Jessica Pratt
    Mystifying and surreal, like a transmission from another world. I love how the album stylistically pays respect to classic folk while adding experimental or off-kilter touches (like the tape warp in "Jacquelyn"). However, the pleasant and sparkling sound is anchored in brilliant songwriting. Tunes and vibe to the max, indeed.
  12. Bad Timing
    by Jim O'Rourke
    A freewheeling set of songs, with pleasantly unexpected twists and turns. Both a love letter to an idyllic American musical landscape and a descent into a strange and wondrous experimental territory. Genius in both ambition and execution.
  13. Soft Landing
    by Sandro Perri
    Floriana Floriana
    The lush sounds of an imaginary summer, conjuring vivid images of sunsets and balconies. Subtle electronic flavors paired with intricate guitar soundscapes. The epitome of chill.
  14. Rooftop By Dusk
    by Forest Management
    Dilute Dilute
    This compilation is quite lovely - a sprawling set of soothing tones and lush sounds from one of the best musicians working in ambient drone at the moment. Soft yet dense, the sound design here is perfect. Don't miss this one.
  15. Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.
    by Deerhunter
    Little Kids Little Kids
    Captivating and dreamy sounds laced with strange and sad lyrics. While this album has quality songwriting, this album's real draw for me is its ability to create songs that incorporate experimentation and ambient soundscapes while still maintaining an addictive pop appeal in succinct form.
  16. Coquina Dose
    by Josh Mason
    Pelagic Scout Badge Pelagic Scout Badge
    Sleepy and minimal, with textured sounds that make this music feel as warm and cozy as a thick sweater on a winter day.
  17. Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
    by Erik Hall
    Pulses Pulses
    Erik Hall puts a refreshing spin on one of my all-time favorite classical pieces. I love how the instrumental landscape has been recast here in a sleeker, more synthetic setting. By this inventive redesign, Hall creates something that pays genuine tribute while making something truly his own. Excited to see what he does next.
  18. Spontaneous Event - Live Vol.1: 1967-69
    by The Ray Russell Quartet
    Spontaneous Event Spontaneous Event
    Like falling through a portal into a different time and place, with a whirlwind of wild experimentation brushing past you at full speed. A great one for deep listening that makes far more than the sum of its virtuosic parts.
  19. Sentinelle
    by Carlo Giustini
    Maria del Rovere Maria del Rovere
    The first track alone is worth the price of admission, but this entire set of ethereal pieces doesn't disappoint - this music feels organic, natural, and inviting. Come for the cosmic beauty, stay for the fantastic and textured sound design.
  20. Velocity:Design:Comfort.
    by Sweet Trip
    Boundless and deeply inspired, several different genres collide and weave together seamlessly to create a thrilling experience. This is one of those uncommon albums that contains multitudes - a full sonic universe hiding behind the kaleidoscopic design on the cover. A perfect, daring blend of colorful pop music and experimental flourishes.

    Favorite track: Chocolate Matter.