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  1. Relief (Instrumental)
    by Windvent
    Restored Restored
  2. VESPR
    by Pangaea
  3. Anomaly (Instrumental)
    by Rogue
    Para (Instrumental) Para (Instrumental)
  4. DRIFT
    by Visenya
    Focus (Ft. Stephen Taranto) Focus (Ft. Stephen Taranto)
  5. Immortal
    by Earth Eater
    Swarm Swarm
  6. Ebon Soul
    by Design The Void
  7. Conduit
    by Gravemind
    Vox Populi Vox Populi
  8. Binary Garden
    by AURAS
    Another Place Another Place
  9. Gather Your Arrows
    Skywalker Ocean Grown Skywalker Ocean Grown
  10. Solstice I
    by Chronologist
    T As in Tsunami T As in Tsunami
  11. Illuminate
    by Anup Sastry
    Story Of Us (Instrumental) Story Of Us (Instrumental)
  12. Bloom
    by Calór
  13. Crossworlds
    by Buy Jupiter
  14. Departure
    by Buy Jupiter
  15. Super 90' - Instrumental
    by Kadinja
  16. Soulseeker
    by Andromida
  17. Eclipse
    by Buy Jupiter
    The Merging The Merging
  18. The Raven Paradox
    by The Raven Paradox
  19. Artificial Void
    by Unprocessed
    Artificial Void Artificial Void
  20. Kismet
    by The Omnific
  21. The Mind's Eye
    by The Omnific
    The Stoic The Stoic
  22. Ascension (Instrumental)
    by Petroglyphs
  23. Singularity (Deluxe Edition)
    by Northlane
  24. Undefeated
    Undefeated Undefeated
  25. Equinox I
    by Chronologist
    Névé Névé
  26. Permanence
    by Stephen Taranto
  27. The Life Code (Instrumental)
    by IAMONE
  28. One Step Further, One Step Back
    by Daima
    Redshift Redshift
  29. More Than Human
    by Andromida
    Enhanced Enhanced
  30. Aimless Crown
    by Enochian
    Aimless Crown Aimless Crown
  31. Evolution
    by Enochian
    Sadistic Sadistic
  32. Ancient III (Instrumental)
    by Beyond Our Eyes
  33. Crestfallen
    by AURAS
    Boundless Boundless
  34. Heliospectrum
    by AURAS
    Spiral Spiral
  35. Statera (BC Deluxe Edition)
    by Husa Toledo
    Opressor's Justice? (feat. Joey Izzo) Opressor's Justice? (feat. Joey Izzo)
  36. ToTheArk
    by ToTheArk
    October 11th October 11th
    Best album of 2018.
  37. S U (feat. Ichika)
    by Adieu
  38. Flow
    by The Earth Laid Bare
    Eternally Present Eternally Present
  39. Circadian Rhythms
    by The Earth Laid Bare
    Mechanized (feat. Eric Gentry of A Feast For Kings) Mechanized (feat. Eric Gentry of A Feast For Kings)
  40. Delta 2015 Demo
    by Delta
  41. Magenta
    by Crystal Plains
    Constant Variables Constant Variables
  42. From the Gallery of Sleep
    by Night Verses
    No Moon No Moon
  43. Final Light - EP
    by Final Light
    The Call The Call
  44. Savages [Instrumental]
    by The Dali Thundering Concept
  45. SHIVERS (re-recorded 2018)