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  1. São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Punk
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  1. Falsch
    by Bodanegra feat. Rio Black
  2. Nothing Less
    by Mindset
  3. The Moral Law
    by Noose
  4. Winds of Promise
    by Remission
  5. S/T EP
    by Common Cause
  6. Demo 16
    by Nerve Endings
  7. In Faith and Loyalty
    by For Pete's Sake
  8. S/T EP
    by Tranzmitors
  9. Not Ashamed
    by Clearsight
  10. 9 Trax / No Nightmare
    by Warxgames
  11. The Distinct Sounds of...
    by Nuclear Age
  12. Unrequited
    by Damges
  13. Face Aggression
    by Break Away
  14. Leave It All Behind
    by Praise
  15. Demo
    by Insist
  16. 2 Songs
    by Praise
  17. A Lesson That You're Gonna Learn
    by Keep It Clear
  18. The War of All Against All
    by Noose
  19. Arrival
    by Skin Like Iron
  20. Leave No Doubt
    by Mindset
  21. RXR-XXX (EP Collection)
    by Mindset
  22. The Fight
    by Caught In A Crowd
  23. Growing.Changing.Healing.
    by Praise
  24. Here & Now
    by Insist
  25. I Watch You Disappear
    by Profile
  26. It's Your Time
    by Noose
  27. Statement of Purpose
    by Common Cause
  28. Suffering
    by Betrayed
  29. It Can't Rain Forever
    by Ancient Heads
  30. Sensible Sounds of Men
    by Fell To Low
  31. Heaven Is Waiting
    by Give
  32. New Young Gods
    by True Love
  33. S/T EP
    by Peace
  34. Straight Razor
    by Straight Razor
  35. Lights Went Out
    by Praise
  36. Demo 2009
    by Clearsight
  37. Winds of Change
    by V/A
  38. S/T EP
    by Suspect
  39. S/T EP
    by Rearranged
  40. Locked Out
    by Not Afraid
  41. Terra mater 12" vinyl. Out now!
    by Keretik
    by Tetrachrome
  43. Thor's Well (Original Mix)
    by Omauha
    One more PERFECT song by Omauha, the best guy around making progressive/atmospheric breaks. Keep doing it!
  44. Belirdi Gece
    by She Past Away
  45. Narin Yalnızlık
    by She Past Away