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  1. Encloaked
    by Encloaked
  2. Cruz Del Sur Music Compilation 2019
    by Cruz del Sur Music
  3. Gates Of Hell Records compilation 2019
    by Cruz del Sur Music
  4. Far From Light
    by Lunar Shadow
    “Far From Light” takes me on a journey to dark places far away in time and space, yet eerily familiar, radiating a strange serenity as if they were a long forgotten home. This album is a singular experience.
  5. Myrtle Wreath / Myrtenkranz EP
    by Grendel's Sÿster
    A truly daring work of Epic Metal that is not constrained by the genre, nor does it rely on its stereotypes to bring a song forward. The music flows organically, even though the transitions and guitar melodies are refreshingly unpredictable. The folklore elements give it the right air of mystery. Recommended for fans of Lunar Shadow and Solstice.
  6. Ruins of Eternity
    by Orodruin
    Man Of Peace Man Of Peace
    A crushing doom work, making occasional forays into slighly faster territority without ever losing it's melancholy. It's good to have Orodruin back with another full length.
  7. The Waters Of Death
    by LETHEAN
  8. The Millennial Heartbeat
    by Flame, Dear Flame
  9. The Smokeless Fires
    by Lunar Shadow
    “The Smokeless Fires” brings a change in sound, a new vocalist and an overall darker feel. The places Lunar Shadow take me this time still feel strangely intimate, but they are shrouded in fire and death. As I am a silent witness, I do not fear for myself, but I feel melancholy and sorrow. I fear for my home.
  10. Blood Fire Doom Volume 1
    by Solstice
  11. Indestroy
    by Saw Throat
  12. Halcyon
    by Solstice
  13. Mighty & Superior
    by Isen Torr
  14. Blood Fire Doom Volume 2
    by Solstice
  15. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  16. New Dark Age
    by Solstice
  17. Death's Crown Is Victory
    by Solstice
  18. Lamentations
    by Solstice
  19. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice