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  1. Burn To The Sea
    by Flora McGill
  2. QUAM!
    by Farida Amadou / Timothée Quost / Tom Malmendier
  3. Untitled Composition, Part 1
    by Scott Rosenberg
  4. Ensemble
    by compilation confinement #7
  5. Untitled Composition, Part 2
    by Scott Rosenberg
  6. Past, Present, Future: Selections from the Tri-Centric Foundation Archives Volume 2
    by Anthony Braxton
    "Part of the joy of engaging such works is that they resist any sense of completion. Every reading is distinct. We are free from the responsibility of ultimate cognition or understanding, while happily operating at our limits. If there is pleasure in knowing and understanding, there is a kind of ecstasy involved when facing the sublime, that which cannot be enclosed." (Stuart Broomer, about Braxton Echo Echo Mirror House Music. Yoy can't say it any better)
  7. Composition No. 19 (For 100 Tubas)
    by Anthony Braxton
  8. Composition No. 46 (+168 and Language Music)
    by Anthony Braxton
  9. Solo (Kent) 1979
    by Anthony Braxton
  10. Composition No. 77C
    by Matthew Welch

    Beautiful and haunting version of composition No. 77 C from Braxton Solo (Kent) 1979
  11. G N 6 (X' 70B)
    by Anthony Braxton
  12. Easy Living
    by Anthony Braxton
  13. Quartet (Warsaw) 2012
    by Anthony Braxton
  14. Blues For Alice
    by Anthony Braxton
  15. Tenth Precinct
    by Anthony Braxton / Sonny Simmons / Brandon Evans / Andre Vida / Shanir Blumenkranz / Mike Pride
  16. composition no. 313
    by Anthony Braxton / Sonny Simmons / Brandon Evans / Andre Vida / Shanir Blumenkranz / Mike Pride
  17. Demos
    by Mike Heffley
  18. Sound American 16: The Complete Language Music Solos
    by Sound American 16: Anthony Braxton
    Language Music 9: Legato Formings-Tomeka Reid (cello) Language Music 9: Legato Formings-Tomeka Reid (cello)
    You don’t need an intimate familiarity with the Braxton twelve essential Language Music Types, on which these thirteen pieces are based, in order to enjoy a very stimulating and absorbing experience. Each of these pieces is a jewel.
  19. For Large Ensemble
    by ensemble 0
  20. 6C
    by Ken Vandermark