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  1. Second Wave
    by Various Artist
  2. Morph
    by ANMA
  3. Ultratumba
    by trajedesaliva
  4. Relief
    by Demetrio Cecchitelli
  5. Alkisah
    by Senyawa
  6. Muta/Larva
    by Simone Lalli
  7. pietra e oggetto
    by Luciano Maggiore
  8. Deva Ovel
    by Deva Ovel
  9. Ayuno
    by KYSE
  10. Exotic Ésotérique Vol​.​3
    by Artetetra
  11. Orbed Porches
    by Cult of Riggonia
  12. Anabasi
    by Blutwurst
  13. Drummophone
    by Riccardo La Foresta
  14. At Fonoteca Lisboa 2005
    by Vitor Joaquim, Draftank
  15. Metabasi
    by SabaSaba
  16. Vulgar Displays Of Affection
    by Luke Mawdsley
  17. At ZDB Lisboa 2006
    by Vitor Joaquim, Carlos Zíngaro
  18. The Cycle
    by Mourning [A] BLKstar
    Sense Of An Ending Sense Of An Ending
  19. Fail/Rise
    by Delhikate
  20. At The Spitz London 2005
    by Vitor Joaquim, Simon Fisher Turner