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  1. The Alias Sessions
    by Murcof
    13 years since the last album, Murcof took me to a self confronting 90 minute slowgrowing deserted visionary journey that forced me to accept the darkest places of this existence and contemplate God.
  2. At Once, There Was No Horizon
    by Vieo Abiungo
    At Once, There Was No Horizon At Once, There Was No Horizon
    Do you plan to go on a tribal journey to the edge of consciousness? This rhythmic ceremony with incredible sound design is narrative like a Dionysian ritual and full of ghosts like a forest.
  3. Ea
    by The Alvaret Ensemble
    In leave rein In leave rein
    Would you like to witness delicate musical poetry that is so fragile that it is lost if you are not in true silence and solitude? This is is an intimate Nordic magic.
    by MANSUR
    Temple Revisited I Temple Revisited I
    The Mesopotamian temple, the crystalline sound design, the oraccus and the elements that literally circle around you. It can lift you through the stratosphere, perhaps to the psychedelic cosmos.
  5. BOW
    by BOW
  6. Volta No Vento
    by Toàn
    Tortue Tortue
    Meditation in a garden where environmental devices are set up. Some work on the principle of tapes, some vinyls, others are like home-made machines and hinged tools striking in the air. Each one has its own texture and plays some sound caught in life. Soothing ambient alchemy..
  7. girift
    by sanr
    girift girift
    When I realized some compositions here are pure field recording orchestra I was completely astonished. I've never heard anything like this.
  8. Farewell Islands
    by Slow Reels
  9. Fond
    by Tomáš Šenkyřík
  10. Downstream Blue
    by Mathieu Karsenti
  11. Il Tempo Della Nostra Estate
    by Federico Mosconi
  12. Alone, not alone
    by Tiny Leaves
  13. Embrace Storms
    by James Murray
  14. 彼方 (Part Two)
    by Ian Hawgood
  15. 彼方 (Part One)
    by Ian Hawgood
  16. Methoden und Maschinen
    by Bersarin Quartett
    I cannot express how grateful I am for composers who create music with such devotion and vision as here. Minimal post-classical expedition that transcends the imaginable and possible. Thank you!
  17. The Undivided Five
    by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    Adios, Florida Adios, Florida
  18. Kiri Variations
    by Clark
    Tobi Thwarted Tobi Thwarted
    Humble composition that simply fulfills the concept of abstract music as the highest form of art in the purest form possible.
  19. Zibuokle Martinaityte: In Search of Lost Beauty...
    by Žibuoklė Martinaitytė
  20. Anicca
    by Teebs
    Atoms Song (feat. Thomas Stankiewicz) Atoms Song (feat. Thomas Stankiewicz)