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  1. These Rivers Still Run
    by Matt Hicks
    When the Curtain Falls When the Curtain Falls
    This record is all solid chops and songwriting prowess. If I had to pick an artist never to miss, live or on a recording it would be …. actually it IS Matt Hicks. He’s a stellar writer and performer and is always collaborating with amazing players.

    Listen to this record. You’ll have a happier day. Okay?
  2. Augusta Falls
    by Matt Hicks
  3. Gonna Tip Out Tonight
    by Phil Doleman
  4. Vintage Blend
    by Manitoba Hal
    Since I can’t go out to hear Hal right now. down here in the Southeastern lower 48, I just had to import this soul satisfying soul music here to my house.
  5. All the Summer and all the Fall
    by Phil Doleman
  6. The Eight Thousands
    by Andydan
  7. Halocline
    by Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel
  8. The Garage Country Demos
    by Meghan Cristeen Martin & The 1900
  9. Skin & Bones
    by Phil Doleman
  10. This Boat Will Be My Grave ( With Phil Doleman)
    by Andydan
    What a fine tune. Very well performed, too.
  11. It's a Hand-Me-Down
    by David Gans
  12. The Town That Still Believes in Magic
    by Scott Guberman and David Gans with Robin Sylvester and Greg Anton
  13. Live At Docksiders
    by Mike Hind
  14. Keep Drinkin' That Coffee!
    by Phil Doleman
  15. Odds and Ends For the End of the World
    by The Rough & Tumble
  16. doppeldoppelgängers
    by Q(uartet) F(or) D(uet) F(or) T(heremin) A(nd) L(ap) S(teel) A(nd) C(ave) B(at)
  17. Dandelion EP
    by Kim Rausch
  18. Breaking Points - Single
    by Meghan Cristeen Martin
  19. Meghan Cristeen Martin EP
    by Meghan Cristeen Martin
  20. Drop the Bone
    by David Gans