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Sami Singh

  1. Jyväskylä, Finland
  2. Electronic
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  1. α β γ
    by Siete Catorce + Dokúo
    Alfa Alfa
  2. Neti Pot
    by Ghost the Garden
    Cataract Cataract
    Usually I hate "slow" music, I can't stand ambient, but the two brothers in Ghost in the Garden have managed to put together such a feelsome album of soundscapes that it's evoking some very interesting feelings I didn't even know I had.

    It's a beautifully written album compiled into one coherent ensemble of weird and interesting sounds shuffling through all sorts of moods.

    Truly worth a listen.
  3. Psyche - Compilation I
    by Spin the Disc
    Destination Destination
    Yo this is a dope ass compilation. Hit up the coolest producers I know and had 'em all make a track with the theme "soulful", whatever that meant to them.

    This is the result. Destination is my rendition of soulful.
  4. Intense Depictions of Very Bad Weather
    by No Rush
    Sass Warfare Sass Warfare
    Oh boy. Seth, please put out more music! No Rush aka. Seth Miller has released one of the best Future Bass EP's I've ever heard.

    Solid production, catchy melodies and just overall something to jive to.

    I can't recommend this enough.
    by Pink Guy
    Dick Pays Rent Dick Pays Rent
    George Miller out the most hilarious and disturbing rap album in a long time

    The lyrics are terrible with extremely bad humor and I can not stop laughing at this. Half of the tracks have an extremely cheap production to them that contribute to the humoristic value this album has.

    The other half of the album clearly demonstrates that George is actually a very talented rapper with genius lyrics and an extremely solid flow.

    "I hang dogs from trees so I can raise the RROOFFF".

    This is the best!
  6. Kung Fury (Lost Tapes)
    by mitch murder
    Playing For Keeps Playing For Keeps
  7. The Faded Blue EP
    by Ptero
    I Quickly the Faded Blue I Quickly the Faded Blue
  8. Rhythm & Gash
    by Flava D
    Rhythm & Gash (Flava D Remix) Rhythm & Gash (Flava D Remix)
  9. Pure Pure
    by Moe Shop
    Intro Intro
  11. Lost Station
    by fusq
    Perfume! Perfume!
  12. The Waveform Collection
    by Joshua Morse
    Alligators (Waveform) Alligators (Waveform)
  13. The South East Grind Vol. 3
    by The South East Grind
    Void Void
  14. A-F-R-O DOOM
    by A-F-R-O
    All Caps All Caps
  15. Vaporware Vol.2
    by ConsciousThoughts
    Surrender Surrender
  16. Impressions
    by B3no
    Alamode Alamode
    Wow. I would've never thought of combining smooth jazz with the wild rhythms of footwork.

    After hearing B3no's album, this all comes together in a beautiful way and now it makes sense to me.
  17. 内なる怪物 / The Inner Monster
    by Captain Raveman
    Notch Notch
    Alright, this is a wacky release. All the cheesy rave stabs and synths in the world coupled up with some thumping 808's and some wild breaks. What's not to love?
  18. Sketchbook
    by Bakoda a.k.a. Evan Awake
    Aurora Corona (feat. Joseph Jacobs & Cin Side) Aurora Corona (feat. Joseph Jacobs & Cin Side)
  19. Trekkie Trax Japan Vol. 2
    by Various Artists
    Carpainter - Active Camouflage Carpainter - Active Camouflage
    Aww yiss can't get enough of that Carpainter. He's just pushing out so many dope tunes, funky garage with his unique twist, what's not to love?

    His new album is also dope as fuck.
  20. More Love
    by Flava D
    More Love More Love
  21. Mutiny [EP]
    by Pompeius
    Forsaken Overgrown Forsaken Overgrown
    What an experience, a small album with some very pleasant and beautiful songs. I was especially fond of the last song, Forsaken Overgrown, with its dark, tribal sounds.
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  22. Sahataan Ne Kaikki
    by Sågverk
    Likapyykki Likapyykki
    Haistakaa paska. Niin möyheä basso ettei voi olla diggaamatta, mut koko rellu on kyllä alusta loppuun niin hyvää tykitystä että huhhuh ja kaupan päälle oksat pois!

    Ostakkee ihimeessä.
  23. Riddler SEVEN
    by Riddler Records
    Say The Words! Say The Words!
    Incredibly solid 4x4 tune with strong influences from both Japan and the UKG scene. The micro sampling combined with the pulsing sub bass and the funky synths makes this just an overall swingy happy tune.
  24. Jubilate EP
    by Carpainter
    Want You To See Want You To See
    As a long time Carpainter fan, this whole EP makes me very excited. It's different, it's new. It's definitely not your typical UK Garage although heavily influenced by it.

    Cheesy synths combined with rocking shuffling garage beats and dope melody progressions would be my way of summing up the EP. Super solid release.
  25. THE VIBE GUIDE Vol. 2
    Love The Way U Feel Love The Way U Feel