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  1. Desire
    by Valerinne
  2. Aikira
    by Aikira
  3. Artefacts
    by Fourteen Nights At Sea
    Love the vocals and shoegaze feel of this tune.
  4. Broken Patterns
    by Deneb
  5. Nowhere Now Here
    by MONO
    Nowhere, Now Here Nowhere, Now Here
    Everything you love about Mono and more
  6. Like You Say
    by Vy Pole
  7. Tabula Rasa
    by set and setting
    by HOLY FAWN
  9. Remember That You Must Die
    by Shekinah
    by HOLY FAWN
  11. Untitled (AITAOA #2)
    by Portico Quartet
  12. Die Right
    by Roots and Ruins
  13. Entheogens
    by A Collective Subconscious
  14. 2011 demo
    by Shriner
  15. End of All Time
    by Grown Below
    by This Will Destroy You
  17. They March in Endless Circles
    by A Film In Color
    Really love this stuff. Swirling fury then floating patterns of ethereal structures.
  18. Whaling Village
    by Maeth
  19. Grow Up or Die Alone
    by My Captain My Sea
  20. Omina
    by AUGURE
    Grunesfeld Grunesfeld
    Really great stuff. Listing on auto repeat for a while now.
  21. Untitled (2nd Album)
    by Glittering Blackness, Fall
  22. Rosetta on Audiotree Live
    by Rosetta
  23. Seismic
    by Spotlights
    appears in 1 other collection
  24. Etter Lys
    by Ingrina
  25. Allora Mis
    by Allora Mis
  26. S/T
    by Suffocate for fuck sake
  27. We Were Once
    by Allora Mis
  28. Take Turns b/w I'll Get Mine Too
    by Outlander
  29. Ahead Is a Barren Land
    by Valerinne/Mytrip
  30. Live on the roof
    by 417.3
    > (Live) > (Live)
    Very immersive stuff.
  31. Evolvent
    by Show Me A Dinosaur
  32. Whispering Mountain
    by Okkur
    Can You Hear Me? Can You Hear Me?
    Did you listen? So you know
  33. Darker Lakes
    by Sarin
    by Archivist
  35. X SUNS
    by X SUNS
  36. Strawberry Mansion/Twelve Hours
    by X SUNS
  37. Requiem
    by Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream
    Lacrymósa Dies Illa Lacrymósa Dies Illa
    I want to see those guys live !
  38. TiMT - Time Flies Like An Arrow
    by TiMT
  39. In The Past
    by Teri Parker
  40. Downtime b/w Plans
    by Outlander
    Downtime Downtime
    Just awesome EP, really hooked
  41. Glass
    by Wander
  43. Recrudescence
    by King Of The Castle
  44. Humanizm
    by Jazzpospolita
  45. Sanskara
    by A Collective Subconscious