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  1. Dyslexic Lemons Archive
    by Gooseworx
  2. Your Parents Are Only Marginally Disappointed In Your Musical Taste!
    by Bear Ghost
  3. The End Is Nigh: OST
    by Ridiculon
  4. Let me tell you a story
    by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
  5. Dog of Wisdom (Remix) [feat. Joe Gran] [Blue Version]
    by The Living Tombstone
  6. Leperchaun
    by Lil Deuce Deuce
  7. Luigi's Mansion Without Lyrics
    by brentalfloss
  8. asdfmovie8 song
    by LilDeuceDeuce
  9. Crazy La Paint Extended Edition
    by minimusicman
  10. Plants vs. Zombies Soundtrack
    by Laura Shigihara
  11. Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged
    by Jake Kaufman
  12. Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack
    by Jake Kaufman
  13. Bits to the Wall
    by Thunderclash
    Great Mighty Poo Great Mighty Poo
  14. Nostalgic Pleasure
    by Thunderclash
    Agahnim's Return, A Tribute to the Past Agahnim's Return, A Tribute to the Past
  15. Witch Encounter
    by LilDeuceDeuce
  16. Homestuck Vol. 5
    by Homestuck
    Pumpkin Cravings Pumpkin Cravings
  17. Super Mario Land With Lyrics (feat. Dave Bulmer) [YT]
    by brentalfloss
  18. Luigi's Mansion With Lyrics (YT)
    by brentalfloss
  19. Terraria Soundtrack Volume 2
    by Scott Lloyd Shelly
  20. Terraria Soundtrack
    by Scott Lloyd Shelly
  21. HELLBENDERS Theme - Short Version
    by Chris O'Neill
  22. Preachy Speechy
    by Chris O'Neill
  23. Pixel Fags
    by Chris O'Neill
  24. 69
    by Chris O'Neill