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  1. Metal Unblack
    by Christageddon
    Baptized In Sacred Blood Baptized In Sacred Blood
  2. Dark Winter Memories
    by Vials of Wrath
    The cold and the hope The cold and the hope
    This album is incredibly enchanting. it is somehow brutally heavy and peacefully calming at the same time.
  3. Spring Anthems
    by Irgalom
    The Night Will Shine The Night Will Shine
  4. Like A Breath
    by Irgalom
  5. Meditate I
    by Irgalom
  6. Songs Of Ascents
    by Irgalom
    Enthroned In Heaven Enthroned In Heaven
  7. Autumn Psalms
    by Irgalom
  8. Winter Hymns
    by Irgalom
    In The House Of The Lord In The House Of The Lord
    Lots of great dual lead work. Great melody underneath the snarling, growls of the vocalist.
  9. Meditate (Volume 2)
    by Irgalom
    Wiser Than My Enemies Wiser Than My Enemies
    So many unexpected elements on this album. I especially love the lyrics. All of Irgalom's lyrics are Scripture-based, and largely drawn from the Psalms. I could like their albums for that reason alone without even listening to the music. But this is solid music, well-crafted arrangements, great guitar sound.
  10. The Wrath Of The Lamb
    by Righteous Wrath
    The Wrath Of The Lamb The Wrath Of The Lamb
    Great quality black metal. Lots of memorable riffs.
  11. The Dark Woods of Sorrow
    by Søker Tilflukt
    Frost Frost
  12. Feste Burg
    by Epta Astera
  13. Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn & Winter
    by Armath Sargon
    The Mist that Summons Souls The Mist that Summons Souls
    There are so many interesting elements to this album. It's so much more than the typical underproduced, raw, black metal album.