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  1. DEMO 2023
    What do you get when you chuck GBK and Sacriphyx into a blender and sprinkle some Thin Lizzy-approved guitar fireworks on top? A four-track demo that will likely rank as one of the best of 2023.
  2. Repulsive Bodies
    by Liquid Shit
    Ugly, grinding, sludgy stomp perfect for all those hateful mornings (and afternoons, and nights) life constantly serves up.
  3. Reclaim the Might
    by Pöwer A.D.
  4. I
    by Et In Arcadia Ego
  5. Attitude Ethics
  6. Exquisite Macerated Tissue Slippage and Full-Body Degloving Under Extreme Circumstances of Accelerated Putrefaction
  7. Quasi-Sentient Decentralization
    by Meticulous Butchery
  8. Transylvanian Glare
    by Arnaut Pavle
  9. Metafyysinen Käsitys Itsestä
    by Vihameditaatio
  10. Girls In The Grass
    by Steve Hiett
  11. Ghost Riders
    by Various Artists
    Summer's Over Summer's Over
    Glorious, poignant selection of teenage garage nobodies. Amazing music made even more affecting by the realisation that this is the sound of high-school kids trying to strike rock and roll gold and live a different life than what the world (and society) had in store for them... and not quite getting there.

    Impossible to pick a favourite song, but Dennis Harte's subtly shambolic, slightly awkward, and totally endearing ode to summer love (and associated heartbreak) has to be up there.
  12. Oi Oi Murder
    by Fangfoss
  13. Demo
    by Apex Predator
  14. Chaos Reigns
    by Apex Predator
  15. Untamed Force
    by Foreseen
  16. Untold Horrors
    by Liquid Shit
  17. Sabbath, Thou Arts
    by Ceremonial Torture
  18. Dying Embers to Coldening Coals
    by Flail
  19. Sacred Vessel
    by Ancient Death
  20. Degenerates
    by Logic Lost