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  1. Histós Lusis
    by Toàn
  2. Ghost Sounds
    by Polaroid Notes
  3. No Home of the Mind
    by Bing & Ruth
    The How of it Sped The How of it Sped
    Such an elemental album, it reminds me of water. Cascades, surges, eddies and deep pools of sound. David Moore's piano-led compositions here are refreshing and pure, but also have the power to sculpt the hardest surface.
    by Jacaszek
    To Blossoms To Blossoms
    A cinematic and fractured romanticism runs through this deeply affecting album. Lush, subtle, textured and haunting, this is Jacaszek's best (imho)
  5. Debris
    by Keeley Forsyth
    Start Again Start Again
    Uncompromising, pure, genre-defying and darkly spiritual, "Debris" is one of the albums of 2020.
  6. The Dark Well
    by Aidan Baker & Ekin Fil
    The Dark Well The Dark Well
    These two artists are unique in their ability to craft aural space, and their collaboration here is sensitive and expansive. Ethereal and bodily, "The Dark Well" is bottomless.
  7. Voler
    by Grace Ferguson
    strange kind of in between thing strange kind of in between thing
    Like weather, "Voler" shifts between the calm before the storm and the ecstatic relief of rain. The piano is delicate, gently propulsive and thoughtful, while the spoken interludes are a revelation, jolting and poetic.
  8. Waxing Moon
    by Rebecca Foon
    Pour Pour
    Composed of equal parts grief and determination (apt for an album whose royalties are donated to support climate action), "Waxing Moon" is compelling. Organic and epic, with intimate vocals on many tracks, this is life-affirming music, somewhere between post-post-rock and chamber music for the anthropocene.
  9. Border Ballads
    by Richard Skelton
    Mask Mask
    "Border Ballads" is just as potent and moving as Skelton's stunning "Verse of Birds", but distinctly more distilled and sparse. Sober, autumnal, humane.
  10. Through the Sparkle
    by astrïd & rachel grimes
    M5 M5
    astrïd are a revelation - such an articulate and dexterous ensemble, reminiscent of Esmerine, Talk Talk and Rachel's (unsurprisingly, given they're joined here by the sensitive piano of Rachel Grimes). 'Through the Sparkle''s moods are complex and many - introspective, brooding, cinematic, rousing and humane.
  11. Refuge For Abandoned Souls
    by Rothko
    Place Your Soul Next To Mine Place Your Soul Next To Mine
    A profound album of elegies, making space for both the tenderness of resonant quiet and the anguish of distorted noise. One of Rothko's best.
  12. the night just keeps coming in
    by dakota suite
    how could you let me go (jacaszek remix) how could you let me go (jacaszek remix)
    Remix albums can be hit-and-miss, but each of these artists have a deep respect for Dakota Suite's autumnal gravity, while distilling and/or complicating the originals with affecting textures, so it's wide-ranging and still coherent. Beautiful.
  13. Double Negative
    by Low
    Fly Fly
    Considered as an album, this could well be Low's best. Visceral, tender and cathartic, these meticulously crafted songs and soundscapes somehow manage to capture the disquiet of the current era and transfigure it into something transcendent.
  14. Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It
    by Eraldo Bernocchi
    The Space Between The Space Between
    An introspective and gently propulsive suite of ambient compositions. Bernocchi knows how to console and seduce with sound. Reminiscent of Robin Guthrie, Robert Fripp & Brian Eno.
  15. Black Soma
    by 36
    Black Soma Black Soma
    "Black Soma", as 36 often does, fuses the ethereal with the bodily and the mechanical. Warm synth ambience, both nostalgic and hopeful.
  16. Resolve
    by Poppy Ackroyd
    Luna Luna
    Buoyantly propulsive and contemplative, with a rich vein of encouraging melody, Ackroyd reminds me of Rachel's and Hauschka, but gentler, brighter.
  17. Verse of Birds
    by Richard Skelton
    Bond that does not break Bond that does not break
    Windswept, mournful and resolute, 'Verse of Birds' is composed with stringed instruments and distilled emotion. Listening to these folk-tinged drones is like exfoliation for the weathered soul.
  18. Sun peeking through
    by Library Tapes
    We won't need you anymore We won't need you anymore
    An entirely apt title. The piano is delicate and cautiously optimistic, strings are meditative and resolute, drones are layered and subtle. These sketches and refrains are all woven together with restraint.
  19. Ruins
    by Grouper
    Clearing Clearing
    Haunting, elegaic and crepuscular. Achingly raw and starkly beautiful.
  20. The Colour Fields
    by Bird Traps
    Minor Tapestry Minor Tapestry
    Elemental, glacial, spacious music. Think sunlight breaking through fog, clouds at sunset, your breath misting a window.