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  1. Total Edge Effect
    by TEE
  2. Instrumental Music 1
    by Craig Fortnam
  3. Tales of Eternal Entities
    by TEE
  4. Zopp
    by Zopp
  5. Isobar II
    by Isobar
  6. Baber / Wileman
    by Baber / Wileman
  7. Insolubilia
    by Ske
  8. All Our Failures Are Behind Us
    by French TV
    The ¡ÓXÖ! Lesson The ¡ÓXÖ! Lesson
    Music rarely makes perfect (non)sense to me during the first couple of spins of a previously unheard album, but for some reason a new French TV release never fails to click with me straight away. AOFABU is no exception. It's an utter delight to hear the band in top form yet again, delivering their quirky and deliciously warped view of musical reality, as if heard in a particularly demented dream. Almost too good to be true, AOFABU is FAB in capital letters (and then some).
  9. Beyond
    by Fragile
  10. Golden Fragments
    by Fragile
  11. Ark
    by Craig Fortnam
    A Speck I Am A Speck I Am
    By far the most amazing new release I have heard all year. Alluring, rapturous, kindly... That is what Ark stands for me.
  12. Fate Outsmarts Desire
    by Kaprekar's Constant
  13. Isobar
    by Isobar
  14. Lunarians
    by Deluge Grander
  15. The Bitter Lay
    by Arch Garrison
  16. Here Now
    by Poor Genetic Material
  17. Breaking Point
    by JUMP
  18. A Trace Of Memory
    by Sanguine Hum
  19. Arcana
    by Richard Wileman
  20. Hip To The Jag
    by Kavus Torabi