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  1. Everything 1994-1998
    by Castor
  2. Frozen EP
    by Fawn
  3. The Black Moon
    by HOLY FAWN
  4. Birth
    by Contremotion
  5. Saudade Ultra
    by Gravity Lock
  6. S/T
    by Downward
  7. My People... Hold On
    by Zulu
  8. 12th House Rock
    by Narrow Head
  9. Liminal
    by Entropy (DE)
  10. Visions of a New Age
    by Juliper Sky
  11. Blueprints for an Empty Vessel
    by Pallow
  12. demo2020
    by fleshwater
  13. Mouthful of Buildings
  14. Pendulum
    by Keep
  15. The Impending Swarm
  16. My Emperor, I've Failed You
    by We Love You
  17. Thermal Memory
    by NVM
  18. Remove Your Skin Please
    by Chat Pile
    Mask Mask
    Strange vocal tirades over Rube Goldberg machinery that uses a bowling ball to trigger each successive event. "Mask" in particular has a subtle almost lush? post-punk propulsiveness and inclination to go somewhere hopeful. But then those appendix-rupturing croaks at the end of the track indicate otherwise.
  19. wabi sabi
    by Elder
  20. The Commute
    by Elder