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  1. Columbus, Ohio
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. safety in the moon
    by nitsua
  2. safety in the sun
    by nitsua
    An exquisite album with a unique and fresh approach with each track, consistently shown as an impressive trait of nitsua. Favorite track: far travels
  3. Summer Bumps Vol 01
    by Ljones
    The amount of excellent quality tracks on here is astounding! Favorite track: Summer Boy
  4. Her
    by Kendall Miles
  5. 246911
    by SPIN MASTER A-1 & Shing02
  6. 246911 Instrumentals
    by SPIN MASTER A-1 & Shing02
  7. TwoDaystoAlaska
    by TwoDaystoAlaska
  8. magicnumber
    by Uyama Hiroto / Segawa Tatsuya
  9. Retro'd 2
    by Marcus D
  10. The Best of... Marcus D
    by Marcus D
  11. Satori
    by Lex (de Kalhex)
  12. Mysterium
    by Hammock
  13. Departure Songs
    by Hammock
  14. Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop an Echo (Deluxe Edition)
    by Hammock
  15. Awakening
    by BAHR
    A excellent pair-up between BAHЯ and Avens together come to create this beautiful emotionally surrounding piece, of an almost blissful hip-hop nature; perfectly coinciding with the tracks title Awakening.
  16. Sunflower In The Sunlight
    by Nieve and SoulChef
  17. Vanishing Here
    by Dj Whitesmith
  18. RUMINA
    by Dj Whitesmith
  19. Rotary Dream
    by sonsofu
    The highly awaited album by sonsofu is an exquisitely fresh twist to visioneternal's unique hip-hop formulations. Word descriptions almost couldn't do this album complete justice other than; surrounding experiences of peaceful bliss, elegance, and transcendence to name a few. Favorite track: kids on the slope feat. nitsua.
  20. Epoch [12" | CD]
    by Marcus D & nitsua