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  1. For Your Eyes Only
    by Linear Bells
    Something Something
    Nice ambient mixture of field recordings and instruments.
  2. To Erase a Lifetime
    by Equal Stones
    To Erase a Lifetime To Erase a Lifetime
  3. Hands of a Murderer
    by Equal Stones
    Hands of a Murderer (feat. Benoît Pioulard) Hands of a Murderer (feat. Benoît Pioulard)
  4. Ori and the Blind Forest (Additional Soundtrack)
    by Gareth Coker
    Main Theme - Definitive Edition Main Theme - Definitive Edition
  5. In Moonlight
    by Akira Kosemura
    In Moonlight, Op. 2 In Moonlight, Op. 2
    Preordered. Beautiful albeit short EP with four mournful piano pieces.
  6. West Key South
    by Reeder
    West West
  7. Dance EP
    by Garreth Broke
    Dance Dance
    Preordered. One of my favourite pianists.
  8. Haunting
    by drolle
    Lost (cold) Lost (cold)
    Short dark ambient EP. 'Lost (cold)' reminds me of my favourite horror game, Silent Hill.
  9. the world was ours
    by Kupla & less.people
    Great single. Check out Kupla's new album Imaginary.
  10. A Room Now Empty
    by Aaron Martin
    Fire Current Fire Current
    One of the best classical ambient records this year. Definitely recommended.
  11. Fells
    by Angus MacRae
    Inari Inari
    Listening to Inari in bed makes the hypnagogic flashes appear as northern lights. I grew up surrounded by darkness and snow. MacRae siblings really nailed the essence of winter in Finland.
  12. Black Brick
    by deafheaven
    Black Brick Black Brick
    My inner metalhead is awakening once more thanks to Deafheaven. Black Brick is absolutely brutal.
  13. Runnin' by
    by Teemu
    Keep an eye on this guy. He knows what he's doing.
  14. Tides EP
    by Angus MacRae
    Tides Tides
    There's something special about MacRae's music. Highly recommended.
  15. Peach Boy
    by Jay Som
    I wasn't sold on buying the whole album, but this track's awesome.
  16. Sunbather
    by deafheaven
    The Pecan Tree The Pecan Tree
    Pretty much what I consider a perfect album.
  17. December 03 (Reworked)
    by Sergio Díaz De Rojas
    The Day I Lost Her The Day I Lost Her
  18. NEW MOON
    by Kill Bill x Rav
    lovedrug (off that) lovedrug (off that)
    I'm always excited when these guys release new tracks and albums.
  19. Tigerlily
    by Angus MacRae
    Tiger lilies are called 'demon' lilies in Japan.
  20. Chillhop Essentials - Winter 2018
    by Chillhop Records
    Slopes Slopes
    I guess I'm not the only one who listens to chill-hop while studying. Good collection.
  21. Spire
    by Garreth Broke, Jameson Nathan Jones
  22. The Cliff EP
    by Pelican
    The Wait The Wait
    The Wait is an incredible track.
  23. ASHOM
    by 曇り男 (kumori otoko)
    木漏れ日 木漏れ日
    Had a chance to see his live performance in Osaka. Natural mixture of acoustic and electronic ambient. Recommended.
  24. Can I read life as a book?
    by Sergio Díaz De Rojas
    If you enjoy (contemporary) classical, this artist is so worth checking out.
  25. Neon Graffiti
    by Raydar
    Dream With Me Dream With Me
    I used to listen to french house a lot some years ago. This album is pretty good. A little sloppy or rough around the edges here and there, but still recommended. And I love the cover art.
  26. Dance Of The Demons
    by Web Web
    Meh Te Meh Te
    Dance Of The Demons is probably my favourite jazz album of 2018. Can't get enough of this!
  27. Becoming
    by Mammal Hands
    Becoming Becoming
    At this point I'm just preordering everything from Mammal Hands. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  28. Sophie - Lemonade (Howie Lee Flip)
    by Howie Lee
    Sophie - Lemonade(Howie Lee Flip) Sophie - Lemonade(Howie Lee Flip)
    Loud, stupid, delightful. This track really brings up some great memories so I needed it in my collection. Howie Lee is totally worth checking out.
  29. Singularity
    by The Picturesque Episodes
    Nothing Ever Changes Nothing Ever Changes
  30. Way To Dream
    by SiJ
    Deep In Dreams Deep In Dreams
    A fairytale journey filled with sounds of nature and relaxing melodies.
  31. Enfolding
    by offthesky
    longior aura (obeisance i) longior aura (obeisance i)
    Enfolding is an excellent ambient album perfect for concentration, meditation and relaxation. Highly recommended. There's certainly something special about this release. Its depth felt almost challenging. Heavy thoughts.
  32. Journey To The End Of August
    by Chihei Hatakeyama
    MoonRight MoonRight
    Chihei Hatakeyama tends to deliver great ambient records. Journey To The End Of August is filled with early morning mist and late summer sunshine.
  33. Betelgeuse
    by Hakobune
    Betelgeuse Betelgeuse
    Betelgeuse is a haunting 42-minute ambient track. Let it take you on an otherworldly journey beyond the supergiant stars.
  34. Orient
    by Olan Mill
    Ochang Ochang
    Orient is great for concentration and focus. Recommended to fans of ambient.
  35. Night Paths
    by Wil Bolton
    Yesterday's Clouds Yesterday's Clouds
    My first time listening to Wil Bolton. Night Paths is a great ambient album, just like the rest of the Hidden Vibes "series". Highly recommended.
  36. The Vacation
    by Endless Melancholy
    They had wakened one morning and the world was empty They had wakened one morning and the world was empty
  37. Night Walk With Me
    by Gamardah Fungus
    Immortality Immortality
  38. Untitled (Piano Day 2018)
    by Sergio Díaz De Rojas
    I've been feeling somewhat emotional today. I guess it's because of the restless dreams I had, and this piece reminded me of that. Although we often pretend like the past doesn't exist, it remembers and makes sure we don't forget. I do regret so many things.
  39. Cry Wolf
    by Angus MacRae
    Mirror Lake Mirror Lake
    Immensely beautiful contemporary classical album that was missing from my collection. One of my favourite albums from 2017. Wistful and sorrowful, not despondent but sanguine.
  40. Another Turn: Complete EPs
    by Garreth Broke
    Dita e Verës Dita e Verës
    I already got all the four EPs, but it's great to have this treasure in my library too. This collection is nothing but amazing and I'm always looking forward to new releases from Broke.
  41. Meridian EP
    by Curacy
    Longer Longer
    Downtempo and chill beats from Finland.
  42. Subtractive
    by Bluelily
    Hey this is good! The piano and the jazz elements work really well with the shoegaze sound. If you like shoegaze and indie rock, check this out.
  43. Amazed, A Maze!
    by Wastefellow
    Sunlight Sunlight
    Some good bass here. In the same waters with Radiohead, Burial and Björk.
  44. Dear you, It can't wait.
    by Dying Adolescence
    end of high school end of high school
    One of the albums included in the Z Tapes offer. I'm not the biggest fan of angsty lo-fi indiepop, but this wasn't all that bad. It's nice to have something not overly complex in the background while working. Fans of the genre will appreciate this much more of course.
  45. All Natural
    by Kupla
    Feathers Feathers
    This was missing from my collection. Kupla's sound has really improved over the years. I wonder if there's ever going to be a classical or jazz album, without the hiphop beats I mean. That could be interesting and Kupla definitely has the talent for trying out something new, something different.