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  1. Tom Penaguin
    by Tom Penaguin
    I felt a lot for this album on first listen. Tom’s efforts here are unique yet reminiscent of National Health in the purist form. I hope he’s willing to put out more stuff but I’m not looking to be ungrateful. 😉 if you build it, Tom Penaguin, we will come!
  2. Campana di Legno
  3. this is NOT the end [HD 24/96]
    by Present
    I’ve appreciated Present for a long while now but this album hits it out of the park. This is NOT the end because I assume Roger intends on welcoming us all into hell with this album playing. Outrageously amazing. A+++ and extra credit deserved.
  4. Zigzag
    by Pascal Globensky
    Pascal Globensky is a “drop everything and listen” kind of musician to me and always has been since discovering Miriodor years ago. This album is no different. The themes are very dreamlike which I appreciate. As with the rest of my Miriodor collection, this album has a forever home in my life. ☺️
  5. Hello Turbine
    by Jostaberry
    The New Savanna The New Savanna
    Great album with new ideas constantly emerging and melodic to atonal vocals throughout as well. Similarly to Aksak Maboul’s Figures, I hear this album and immediately think that this is a great new route for prog to take. The other review on this page says it right that this is almost a Rascal Reporters if they weren’t so avant garde.
  6. Going Off Topic
    by The Filibuster Saloon
    I was pleasantly surprised with this great first album. The songs are complex and catchy and these guys have some great bridges in their songs. (I love XTC therefore the bridge is essential to master.) I’ve recommended this album to a few friends, all of which have loved it’s unique themes. I’m excited to hear their next album and will gladly support them again! ☺️
  7. mysterious vampire
    by Arnaud Bukwald
  8. la marmite cosmique 7 - Uncle Bizarre
    by Arnaud Bukwald
  9. Ecco l'impero dei doppi sensi
    by Homunculus Res
  10. Violet
    by Monomer
    If I could share exchanges of my hopeful emails asking for another album I would without hesitation. It’s short but I savor it because it’s Monomer and amazing, as always.

    If you build it, they will come. And I do not regret that I did!
  11. Anomalous Materials
    by Kris Gietkowski
    My husband threw this on yesterday and asked me to identify who it was. “It’s not Dave Stewart!” Which is a conclusion I could only come to because I know I’ve listened to most of his best.

    To invoke that thought process on Egg/Hatfield fans like us is incredible. This album stands out to me against previous albums. I was really worried that every album would feel like a new Egg album without being Kris Gietkoeski and this album proved my fears to be way wrong. Keep it up! 💜
  12. Perfect
    by Perfect
    This band is nuts and extremely unique in a good way. ☺️ I’ve listened through this album twice now, after a few months of my husband asking me if I had gotten ahold of that bands album with the impossible to search name and me replying with “damnit! I keep forgetting to get on Bandcamp!”

    Perfect is actually a word I don’t typically like to say, and I assume that’s the pun here with this Ohio band. ☺️ (I love skyline chili and just wanted to mention it.) Progressive fans should listen!
  13. Dominion
    by Zopp
  14. Mourning Earth And Wounded Sky
    by Mira Snelder
  15. Conspicuously Absent
    by Mira Snelder
  16. Altered Acuity
    by Mira Snelder
    Time's Intransigence Time's Intransigence
    Mira Snelder has impressed me quite a bit. I listened to this album and jumped on supporting the others without hesitation because the style is clearly my kind of thing.

    I’m excited to hear more in the future and will continue to support until the end of time. 😉
  17. Diaspora
    by Mira Snelder
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. équivoques vol. 1
    by Barrdo
  19. équivoques vol. 2
    by Barrdo
  20. 22
    by Wippy Bonstack
    Collapsed Spirit Collapsed Spirit
    Wippy is so 2022! And I mean that in the most positive light. I previously had a few friends tell me that Dataland was going to be the beginning and end of something great and I’m so glad they were wrong. ☺️

    It was exciting surprise to see this had come out and I noticed ten days later. Three listens in and Collapsed Spirit is my current favorite. Ridiculous song that’s overly catchy, as Wippy Bonstack always is. 💜