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  1. Live @ Spanish Ballroom
    by Fern Spores
  2. All Ways, Always
    by Sope
    Song of Patroclus (feat. DcRye) Song of Patroclus (feat. DcRye)
    A perfect love song with a backdrop in Greek mythology. I've been a huge fan of this song since I first heard it on YouTube. Happy to support it here.
  3. Wild and Free
    by Jeff Crump
  4. Everlasting
    by Daniel Ray Hilsinger
  5. Catch Her and She Gone
    by Denielle Bassels
  6. glisten
    by livermilk
    Nice balance of dirty and dreamscape, grunge and gaze.
  7. M.O.D.s
    by Morgan and the Organ Donors
  8. With You
    by Ash Land
    This song is so good. It's just good. That's it. Listen to it, over and over.
  9. Look Out World
    by James Tristan Redding
    A Mouse Dreams Of Becoming A Tree. A Tree Dreams Of Becoming A Bird. A Mouse Dreams Of Becoming A Tree. A Tree Dreams Of Becoming A Bird.
    JTR is one of my favorite songwriters and this album is a great example of the effort and the care that he puts into his craft. I recommend giving it a listen and spending some time with these stories.
  10. Reverie
    by Ultrafaux Ensemble
  11. Deuxième
    by Ultrafaux Ensemble
  12. Ultra Faux
    by Ultrafaux Ensemble
  13. Tangent
    by Ultrafaux Ensemble
  14. Slow Harvest
    by Jeff Crump
    Alligator Bag Alligator Bag
    Jeff is one of my fave songwriters and storytellers. I really enjoy all his songs, but I'll pick Alligator Bag as a favorite, since its so fun.
  15. Wind
    by Daniel Ray Hilsinger
    Beautiful and heartfelt. I really enjoy this track with the strings and vocal harmonies - they add just the right amount.
  16. Rise Up
    by Daniel Ray Hilsinger
    Great song and a powerful message.
  17. PostScript
    by Lana Rae Jarvis
    It was lovely to hear this in person, but it's fantastic with the bass, cello, and banjo. Just a wonderful song.
  18. Delight Me
    by Blair Borax
    This song delighted me, for certain. Keeps great energy all the way through!
  19. Kitchen Wall
    by Daniel Snowden
    Great storytelling. Incredibly touching, and with just the right amount of fancy guitarwork behind it. I'm a fan.
  20. For Emma Sheen
    by Casval
    Gives me Built to Spill vibes, a little bit. Really enjoyed it!