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  1. Norrköping, Sweden
  2. Electronic
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  1. The Best Of
  2. L.E.D. EP: Expanded Edition
  3. Exogenous: Remix Compilation
    by Slighter
  4. Science Of Noise (Deluxe Edition)
    by Slighter
  5. Killers (Redux)
    by Confusion Inc.
    subscriber exclusive
  6. WETWARE: Volume One
    by Slighter
  7. Ostalgia
    by Rhys Fulber
  8. Give Me (Single)
    by Slighter x Craig Joseph Huxtable
  9. Mortal Geometry
    by Numb
  10. Automata (Deluxe Edition)
    by Slighter
    Static On The Line Static On The Line
    Excellent! Dark trip-hop soundscapes falling into industrial and minimalist techno aesthetics. Different, but Slighter to the bone!
  11. Libère le bizarre
    by K-Lizeüm
  12. Cubanate - Kolossus
    by Cubanate
    Kolossus (DROWND Remix) Kolossus (DROWND Remix)
  13. Artoffact Records 2019
    by Artoffact Records
  14. OHMelectronic
    by OHMelectronic
  15. Micro
    by Jinjer
  16. B E Y O N D (Deluxe Edition)
    by Colin Cameron Allrich
  17. Creature Comforts
    by Creature Comfort
  18. Cause / Effect: Expanded (Deluxe Edition)
    by Slighter
    Light On Dark Light On Dark
    When the superwave counterpoint kicks in on Light on Dark, it's hard not to think of Gary Numan, but it's equally clear that it's just an influence on Slighter's unique aural aesthetics. In a time when nearly every musician under the age of fifty seems to be trying to sound like someone else, it's refreshing to hear an electronic artist consistently experiment and evolve. Also, it helps that the music is bloody brilliant.
  19. Fateless
    by Decree
  20. Your Dystopia, My Utopia
    by Rhys Fulber
  21. STRANGERS (1996)
    by Damien Youth
  22. Cause / Effect EP
    by Slighter
    Over Over
  23. Agitate / In Vain
    by Noise Unit
  24. Grinding Into Emptiness
    by Noise Unit
  25. Deceit / Struktur
    by Noise Unit
  26. The Remix Wars Strike 2
    by Front Line Assembly
  27. Fateless
    by Decree
  28. Response Frequency
    by Noise Unit
  29. Circuitry 2
    by Front Line Assembly
  30. Your Dystopia, My Utopia
    by Rhys Fulber
    My Church My Church
  31. Uncle Treacle
    by Willis
    Goosey Gander Goosey Gander
  32. Songs Of Molly Drake
    by Willis
  33. The Night Time E.P.
    by Willis
    by micronaut
  35. snowdrift
    by Abstrakted
    by Slighter
    Turmoil (feat. Cyanotic) [Blank Mix] Turmoil (feat. Cyanotic) [Blank Mix]
    Harder, wilder, deeper, darker!
    It's the fractal flipside of ERODE—how could it be anything but kick-arse?
  37. ERODE (Deluxe Edition)
    by Slighter
    The Rise (Ally Mix) The Rise (Ally Mix)
    Just glorious. Slow, ominous and well-crafted electro-industrial, which (in my ears) echoes of Contagion, Haujobb and late Gary Numan.
  38. Mute Yourself (Single)
    by Slighter
    Mute Yourself (Radio Edit) Mute Yourself (Radio Edit)
    Really, there is only one thing wrong with this track: we need an eleven-minute semi-ambient remix!
  39. Lights Out
    by Ohm vs Slighter
  40. Öhm
    by Öhm
    Detroit Detroit
  41. Uppercut
    by OHMelectronic
  42. Realism (SG 1778)
    by Rhys Fulber
  43. Calm
    by SPC ECO
  44. the Micronaut - Panorama
    by micronaut
    the Micronaut 01 Widelens the Micronaut 01 Widelens
  45. FORMS
    by micronaut
    Triangle Triangle