This is Harald Hardrada’s music collection on Bandcamp.
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  1. SLUGATHOR : Unleashing the Slugathron
    by Drakkar Productions
  2. SLUGATHOR : Circle of Death
    by Drakkar Productions
  3. Abreaction
    by Amiensus
  4. Emissaries of the Underworld
    by Gallu Xul
  5. Album "Sterbende Erde"
    by Thakandar
  6. The Will
    by Counting Hours
  7. Echoes From Deep November
    by Fires in the Distance
  8. Den Rædsomste Nat
    by ILDSKÆR
  9. Void
    by Luna's Call
  10. Scythe of Our Errors
    by Skaldr
  11. Mortal Domain
  12. Kylmä Kaunis Maailma
    by Kaunis Kuolematon
  13. Vapaus
    by Kaunis Kuolematon
  14. The Winter Way
    by Atavistia
  15. Pendular
    by Ethereal
  16. Ignis Aeternum
    by Re-Armed
  17. Echoes of Dying Memories
    by Black Therapy
  18. Continua
    by Nemesium
  19. The Passage
    by Oubliette
  20. Sodomisery • The Great Demise
    by Testimony Records