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  1. Picture of a Lost Friend ep
    by Watoo Watoo
  2. Myrtle Soup
    by John Myrtle
  3. Once Home, No Longer
    by Mt. Misery
  4. No More Summer Songs
    by Phantom Handshakes
  5. Flat Out
    by Gap Year
  6. Pure Phase
    by Spiritualized
  7. Cut the World
    by Moscow Olympics
  8. 想念彩色
    by 果樹園
  9. Sleep While You Can
    by Blue Canopy
  10. Mas
    by Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18
  11. Un peu de moi
    by Watoo Watoo
  12. Herland
    by Mellow Blush
  13. Humming
    by Mellow Blush
  14. Stay Moist
    by Mellow Blush
  15. Seconds
    by The Death Of Pop
  16. Look Up At The Sky
    by Solitude 2:14am
  17. Here's John Myrtle
    by John Myrtle
  18. Motionless / Chelsea
    by Pale Blue Eyes
  19. Después de las palabras
    by Herbario
  20. Rosie / Practice
    by Figmore