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  1. Horta Proxima - [FS024]
    by Morphology
  2. Shark Carousel
    by Mrs Jynx
  3. Diving Loop
    by Mrs Jynx
    Beef And Tomato Cat Beef And Tomato Cat
  4. Mycology
    by Plant43
    Tongues of Fire Tongues of Fire
  5. The Lonely Machine - [FS019]
    by John Shima
  6. From Deep Streams
    by Plant43
  7. Traveller - [FS011]
    by Morphology
    Distant Signal Distant Signal
  8. Plankton
    by Morphology
    Bentic Organisms Bentic Organisms
  9. [AF001] Periscope EP
    by D'Arcangelo
    Few Envy Attic Few Envy Attic
  10. Vinkelvolten - [FS007]
    by Bauri
    Vinkelvolten I Vinkelvolten I
  11. Elements Unknown - [FS005]
    by John Shima
    Symbols Symbols
  12. Grey Sky Cracks
    by Plant43
    Bark splits (digital only) Bark splits (digital only)
  13. [AF002] Welkin EP
    by Dwaallicht
    Firmament Firmament
  14. Grid Connection
    by Plant43
    Wire Wound Wire Wound
  15. Burning Decay
    by Plant43
    Gravitational Collapse Gravitational Collapse
  16. Disfold
    by Blamstrain
    Sight Of Field Sight Of Field
  17. Sunday Dub
    by Blamstrain
    4 AM 4 AM
  18. Selected Ambient Dub Works 06-09
    by Blamstrain
    Stream Stream