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  1. As It Were
    by Marietta
  2. Little Wounds
    by Bob Barnett
  3. Charmer
    by tigers jaw
  4. Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts Split
    by Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts
  5. Forgettable
    by Sorority Noise
  6. 4-Way Split / GOING IN
    by Sunning
  7. Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only
    by Seahaven
  8. Temple Of Plenty
    by Somos
  9. Split with T-Shirt Weather
    by Losing Sleep
  10. Split
    by Muncie Girls / Great Cynics
  11. Hoffman Manor
    by State Lines
  12. Fallen Star Collection
    by Brandtson
  13. It's All A Blur
    by Fire Divine
  14. One Take
    by Carly Comando
  15. Home, Like Noplace Is There
    by The Hotelier
    Your Deep Rest Your Deep Rest
  16. You're Gonna Miss It All
    by Modern Baseball
    Broken Cash Machine Broken Cash Machine
    Following in the footsteps of The Front Bottoms, this is full of shot, quirky snapshots of musical brilliance that get lodged in your brain
  17. Nothing But Tension
    by Slipdiver
    my entire life is meaningless my entire life is meaningless
    This harks back to the early 2000's craze of singing and screaming overlapping but it still sounds fresh and exhilarating
  18. Rest Your Head
    by Ages
    I Bend and I Fold I Bend and I Fold
    Imagine if Title Fight masqueraded as a hardcore band. This is what it might sound like. There are some pop sensibilities in there aswell
  19. The Endless Atlantic EP
    by The Endless Atlantic
    A Private Conversation A Private Conversation
    This is mellow magic. Sunday morning vibes. Sad vibes. Feeling content with life vibes. Snuggle your life away vibes.
  20. Bon Voyage
    by SPORT
    Charlotte Cooper Charlotte Cooper
    The best thing to come out of France. Film snippet intros meet head to head with jangly brilliance
  21. Hum
    by tigers jaw
    Hum Hum
    I was so sad when I thought they were splitting up. The fact that there is a new album coming warms my heart
  22. Taller Friends EP
    by Modern Guilt
    At Once, If Convenient At Once, If Convenient
    Sweet DCFC vibes
  23. Comfort/Discomfort
    by Meritt
    No Sleep 'Til Richmond No Sleep 'Til Richmond
    If you miss Copeland, this band do a pretty great job of filling their void
  24. summer death
    by Marietta
    cinco de mayo shit show cinco de mayo shit show
    This album totally hit me out of the blue. Instant connection. It may be my fave album of the last 5 years or so. Friday Night Lights references and just incredible songs
  25. Cadet
    by Home Advantage
    (The Sands Of) San Lorenzo (The Sands Of) San Lorenzo
  26. Night Life - EP
    by Real Life Parody
    Whitney Street Whitney Street
    Channeling YMAEWK and Say Anything to create a very engaging ep
  27. Youth
    by Citizen
    Sleep Sleep
    Solid album from these young dudes.
  28. Whenever, If Ever
    by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
    Gig Life Gig Life
    Nothing on record can compare to the live experience of seeing this band. That said, this is proper stonking.
  29. The Future Is Cancelled
    by Captain, We're Sinking
    Here's To Forever Here's To Forever
  30. Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles.
    by Pet Symmetry
    A Detailed and Poetic Physical Threat to the Person Who Intentionally Vandalized my 1994 Dodge Intrepid Behind Kate's Apartment A Detailed and Poetic Physical Threat to the Person Who Intentionally Vandalized my 1994 Dodge Intrepid Behind Kate's Apartment
    Anything Evan touches is gold.
  31. For The Boats
    by State Lines
    Linger Linger
    This band are special
  32. i'll be fine
    by Brian Tassey
    i'm hungry. for food. i'm hungry. for food.
    "sad songs written on sad days."
  33. An Autobiography
    by Old Gray
    Wolves Wolves
    This is the aural equivalent of post relationship breakdown. It's chaotically beautiful
  34. Pellow (2013)
    by A.M. Overcast
    Local Area Network Local Area Network
    Sugary sweet bliss ala Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer. Has some Weezer vibes too.
  35. Heisenberg [Single]
    by The Dirty Looks
    This leaves me bloody breathless. I just wanna scream the chorus out at the top of my lungs (If there's nobody on the street, i sometimes do).
  36. Happily Ever...
    by Hit Home
    Yearning Yearning
    Mathematical twinkles galore. The music twists and turns like a an anaconda fighting a crocodile. Sometimes this all calms down and they just nuzzle.
  37. Only Boundaries
    by Balance and Composure
    I Can't Do This Alone I Can't Do This Alone
    Raw emotion and sick grooves. When they release another album, they'll take over the world.
  38. Split 7" w/ Rubrics
    by Criminal Culture
    Standing Standing
    Listen to this and close your eyes. You'll probably think you're in Gainesville. Maybe even sup a PBR to further create the ambience.
  39. Sports
    by Modern Baseball
    @chl03k @chl03k
    If you like The Front Bottoms, you'll most likely vibe this.
  40. Please Remain Calm
    by Hostage Calm
    Woke Up Next To A Body Woke Up Next To A Body
    The singer and Leigh Murphy have a special bond. This albums brilliance will creep up on you and suffocate you with happiness.
  41. Somewhere Behind EP
    by Greylines
    Blind Mind Blind Mind
    Very Balance and Composure-esque. Bang yr fuckin' heads.
  42. Demo
    by Taking Meds
    Summer of Down Summer of Down
    Such Gold side project. It's a bit less abrasive and a little more experimental. Not like the Mars Volta, mind.
  43. This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    Along the Lakeside Along the Lakeside
    Imagine if La Dispute started looking up at the stars and got all twinkly
  44. Remnants of Past Lives
    by Bicycle Sunday
    Note 19: Five Years After Conyngham Note 19: Five Years After Conyngham
    This makes me just wanna snuggle next to an open fire forever and ever and ever
  45. Tapestry
    by Tapestry
    antics antics
    Bands will still wanna sound like Mineral in the year 3000