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  1. VA - Abstract Occultism - compiled by Raoul
    by Occulta Records
    schwarm - Evolution schwarm - Evolution
    This track gives me such goosbumps each time I hear it!! I first heard it in a set by Take, and everytime I'd hear it I would hush my friends and say 'listen to this! listen to this!"... I then heard it in Braindrop set much later and asked for track ID which he graciously answered! Which lead me to this release (that I had somehow missed). Goosebumps commence!! Such an amazing, trippy sound! LOVE!
  2. Return of the Gods
    by Various Artists
  3. The Mind BoX - Vol 1
    by paranormal.records
  4. The Rave Militia
    by Cronyx
  5. Seekerz II (Selected by NYX)
    by Various Artists
  6. Cryptomnezia (Selected by Ana Valeriano)
    by Various Artists
  7. Intense
    by brojanowski
  8. Selections 2020 Vol.1 (free download!)
    by Zenon Records
  9. VA - 10 Years of Occulta
    by Occulta Records
  10. Exaltation
    by LAVR
  11. Larus
    by LAVR
  12. Dreamcode
    by LAVR
  13. Exaltarium
    by LAVR
  14. Silent Observer
    by LAVR
  15. Small Talk Series Vol.17 feat. Xompax
    by Xompax
  16. Realms of the Unreal
    by NO-C
    NO-C & Aeroquatik - Realms of the Unreal NO-C & Aeroquatik - Realms of the Unreal
    Deep, dark and dirrtyyyy... just the way I like it :) So good!
  17. Dirty Talker
    by Noid
    Dirty Talker Dirty Talker
    SO dirty! So good!! Loving this sound <3
  18. Coming True (free download)
    by Anormic
  19. Collected Works 2016 - 2018 (free download!)
    by Sensient
  20. Unidentified
    by Ninesense