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  1. beeOS
    by metaroom
  2. Lord Rover
    by Rognvald
  3. From Silence to Somewhere
    by Wobbler
    by Heaven Pierce Her
    Yet another fantastic tune from ULTRAKILL, this time a bit more dreary and emotional, being incredibly piano-driven.

    Very pretty, atmospheric intro (fits the aquatic theme incredibly well).

    Of course, it wouldn't be ULTRAKILL without plenty of amens, and this definitely meets the quota. Very awesome work with the breaks here! The edits here are really fun.

    Also, I adore the dissonance here a lot.

    Very awesome piece and I cannot wait to hear it in-game (along with the rest of ACT II's OST!)
  5. Finally We Are No One
    by múm
  6. Afterglow
    by Wobbler
    Imperial Winter White Imperial Winter White
    Some fantastic & undeniably proggy music that anyone could ever have the pleasure of hearing.

    The main course here consists of two epics: "Imperial Winter White" & "In Taberna" are incredibly bombastic, beautiful, and unpredictable. They feel a bit unorganized/overwhelming at times, but they are far from boring.

    It's worth mentioning the smaller tracks as well; though they don't compare to the two epics, they are still pleasant in their own right and serve as nice breathers, so-to-speak.
  7. A Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars
    by I Monster
    A Sucker For Your Sound A Sucker For Your Sound
  8. [LOV06] Lord Cornwallis
    by Beatwife
    Some of the most intense breakbeat mangling and wicked acid riffs you'll ever hear.

    Simply a fantastic display of Richard's unique style and sound design bundled into lengthy breakcorey, jungly, acidic epics.

    Also, it's got a fair bit of huge-sounding, dark, ambient sounds. If you're into that sorta thing!
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  9. Doggone Systems EP
    by Pilotredsky
    Doggone Systems Doggone Systems
    This EP has some of my all-time favorite tracks; Doggone Systems, the ever-so underrated Sapphire, and the absolute classic Leftfield... all in one assortment of tracks.

    Never truly appreciated the sound design on the tracks to until now and it is absolutely incredible stuff. Same goes for the 2 completely new tunes! This right here is yet another display of pilot's captivating sound design and playfully nostalgic approach to music.

    Incredible stuff as always!
  10. Rites At Dawn
    by Wobbler
  11. Body Riddle (Remastered)
    by Clark
    Roulette Thrift Run Roulette Thrift Run
    This album is one of the single greatest works of electronic music to have ever been released...

    Words alone cannot properly describe this album. Insane sound design, incredible drum programming, beautiful melodies and all-around just so much depth and attention to detail. All of this is perfectly crafted to create a captivating, cohesive journey (one of the few albums I feel this way about!)

    I fucking love this album...

    Thank you for this music, Clark :)
    by metaroom
    This is easily one of the greatest pieces of electronic music I've ever heard.

    Really awesome sound design here, the glitches and chops are fuckin' insane, and the synths are just incredible. That last drop too is just... ough. I don't know what else to say.

    Really beautiful work and I am beyond stoked for the album!
  13. Kingtrips EP1
    by Vytear
  14. Kingtrips EP2
    by Vytear
    A straight-forward display of some incredibly intricate and absolutely insane sound design... with plenty of acid!

    There's really not much else to be said. Just a solid and very well-produced assortment of IDM mastery!

  15. technicolor
    by covet
    parachute parachute
  16. Polygondwanaland
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Crumbling Castle Crumbling Castle
    King Gizzard at their proggiest... what's not to love?
  17. Forest of the Dead
    by synthamesk
    Forest of the Dead Forest of the Dead
    synthamesk straight-up killing it once again with ridiculously raw tunes.

    Packed with plenty of emotion too.

    Very solid EP!
  18. Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void
    by Chris Christodoulou
    They Might As Well Be Dead They Might As Well Be Dead
    Much like the base game's OST, this collection of tracks is absolutely divine.

    Chris continues to kill it when it comes to RoR2's OST and honestly, I feel as though the passion is shining even greater than it was in the base OST!

    These tracks are among some of my favorites from the entire game. They've got really cool instrumentation and some unique compositions.

    The only bad thing about this release might be that it's (maybe) the last of Chris' work for RoR2...
  19. A Dada
    by Ruby My Dear
    Escucha Escucha
    An incredibly playful and eccentric bout of breakcore tunes.

    A Dada is an impressive display of fast and complex drum programming that is layered over a tastefully child-like backdrop.

    It's a pure, frantic and fun breakcore journey with plenty of moments that will catch you off guard.

    It's best to just experience it for yourself. A truly unique and chaotic listen.
  20. Werewolves
    by synthamesk
    Werewolves Werewolves
    For the first synthamesk release in a while (at least on Bandcamp), we are met with some good ol' intense drum 'n' bass rhythms with a bit of a breakcore flair thrown in as well.

    You also have the captivating soundtrack-esque melodies and strings that further solidify that synthamesk sound.

    All-in-all some really intense tunes with very dark undertones throughout. Coupled with some really wicked drum programming.

    We also get a taste of the more dance/techno side of synthamesk here as well!