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  1. Final Spell
    by Visigoth
  2. Auto - Exterminio
  3. Dezaztre Natural "Asfixia"
    by Dezaztre Natural
  4. Metamorphosis
    by zero-project
  5. Postcards From Behind A Slammed Door
    by Carol Cates
  6. The Citadel
    by Heir to Madness
  7. Spreading the Plague
    by Acromizer
  8. Overdokkse (Demo)
    by Overdokkse
  9. Nocturne
    by A Magnificent Cold
  10. Atonement
    by Epiglottis, Einhorn & Sebastian Crugley
  11. Introspective Existentialism
    by Alldrig
  12. Narcotic Euphoria
    by Sebastian Crugley
  13. Uncontrolled Dreams of Exploding Skies
    by Alldrig
  14. Kaori's Letter
    by A Magnificent Cold
  15. Transient Life
    by Sebastian Crugley
  16. Departure
    by Alldrig
  17. Uncertain Silence
    by A Magnificent Cold
  18. Her Name Whispers Nostalgia (Demo)
    by A Magnificent Cold
  19. Scars as Souvenirs
    by A Magnificent Cold feat. Phantasos
  20. Spleen & Ideal
    by Sebastian Crugley
  21. The Last Stop (Suburban Life)
    by Sun Through Eyelids, DeepDark & Sebastian Crugley
  22. Desert Queen
    by Duskwood
  23. Chthonian Twilight Ritual
    by Nihil Invocation
  24. Travelling Sorrows of the Abyss (Compilation)
    by Nihil Invocation
  25. Time And Death
    by Nihil Invocation
  26. Furthering the Depth of Lucid Madness
    by Nihil Invocation
  27. Disease in Solitude
    by Nihil Invocation
  28. The Valleys Green and Journeys Mourned
    by Nihil Invocation
  29. Malicious Curses Reached in Drawing Night (Split)
    by Megalith Grave, Nihil Invocation
  30. Season of the Purest Decay (Split)
    by Nihil Invocation, Nyctophilia
  31. Occultic Longing for the Essence
    by Nihil Invocation, Funerary Temple
  32. Remote
    by Swingrowers
  33. Up In The Air
    by Nieviem
  34. Slumber Spells
    by Decrepit Corridor
  35. Lethargic Lullabies
    by Decrepit Corridor
  36. Secret Passages
    by Decrepit Corridor
  37. Paintings Of Life
    by Ny
  38. Remnants of Departed Days
    by Owsey
  39. For Those We Have Lost
    by Owsey
  40. And Then I Woke Up
    by Owsey
  41. Owsey & Resotone - A Smile From The West (EP)
    by Owsey & Resotone
  42. Memories Are All That I Have Left
    by Owsey
  43. You Are Quietly Disappearing Before Me
    by Owsey
  44. Owsey Collection
    by Owsey
  45. Sweetheart of Kairi EP
    by Owsey & Sorrow