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  1. Skylight
    by Lorelei
  2. I Am a Road
    by Lorelei
  3. I Come Down
    by Weathering
  4. Odes to the Void
    by Life on Venus
    We found out about this band only recently, and we're so happy we did... Previous albums are exceptionally good shoegaze, and this new one is definitely no less good! Satisfying for obsessive fans of the genre yet also unique.
  5. Mirrored Times
    by The Pink Elephants
  6. SEASURFER feat. Elena Alice Fossi - Blue Days (Single)
    Blue Days (John Fryer Mix) Blue Days (John Fryer Mix)
    Definitely one of the best songs we've discovered in a while. So dreamy and intense! The lovely vocals blend perfectly with the hypnotizing shoegazey melody.
  7. Life of Pause
    by Wild Nothing
  8. From This Vantage
    by The Ascent of Everest
  9. Departure
    by Life on Venus
  10. For the Kill
    by Life on Venus
  11. Encounters (Out on Shelflife - link in description!)
    by Life on Venus
  12. Cry
    by Cigarettes After Sex
  13. Spiritual Instinct
    by Alcest
  14. Bright Smiles & Broken Hearts
    by Whimsical
  15. Is Not Defeated
    by The Ascent of Everest
  16. 風光 - Fukou
    by monocism
  17. Reveal
    by Slowly
  18. Unfold
    by Slowly
  19. Slow in Winter
    by Overdriver
  20. Beginnings
    by Overdriver