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  1. Fist Me 'til Your Hand comes Out My Mouth
    by Crywank
    These boys really understand to leave on the crest of the wave and managed to end their joint trip in an album that itself is the trip. Have a great one, Dan and Jay! I wish I couldve seen you play live at least once in my lifetime.
  2. Within A World Forgotten
    In Silent Vengeance In Silent Vengeance
    Quite a wreckening piece of music.Theres just something to this brutality that is inescably pleasant to me so I really couldnt pass on that one!
  3. Geister Im Waldgebirg (2014 edition)
    by Sturmpercht
    Kaiser Karl Kaiser Karl
    A very harrowing, yet comforting album. Though I do derive a sense of belonging and Heimatliebe from it I also cant quite stop feeling as if it was a false sense of such. The music is both catchy and intricate at times and the lyrics inspire hope, longing, and peace, with many other emotions sprinkled in throughout the record. They are also the reason why it is virtually impossible to choose an undoubted favourite; for now its the song describing the legend of Kaiser Karl though.
  4. I want to be there
    by Sadness
    You dance like the June sky You dance like the June sky
    This album is like a morning breeze in summer: Somewhat cold and bitter, but at the same time promising and refreshing.
  5. Ultra Gown
    by Zefs Chasing Cara
  6. gestures been
    by they are gutting a body of water
  7. This Town Needs Guns
    by TTNG
  8. Tunnels
    by Lontalius
  9. Ultra Rare Vol 1
    by Mystery Skulls
  10. Songs From My Parents Basement
    by Wholewheat
  11. songs for the recently sad
    by soccer mommy
  12. Locket
    by Crumb
  13. DC Snuff Film / Waste Yrself
    by teen suicide
  14. Somewhere Nice, Someday
    by Infinity Girl
  15. Winter 2018
    by Z Tapes
  16. Mouse Trap
    by Mouse Trap
  17. We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise
    by Nosferatu D2
  18. Days of Haze
    by trunkweed
  19. i'll count to heaven in years without seasons
    by bedbug
  20. Con Todo El Mundo (N & S America Edition)
    by Khruangbin