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  1. Grabunhold & Circle of Shadows - Lamentationen
    by Grabunhold, Circle of Shadows
    Grabunhold - Caras Galadhon Grabunhold - Caras Galadhon
  2. Nocturnal Will
    by Dödsrit
    Utmed Gyllbergens Stig Utmed Gyllbergens Stig
    What an epic journey! "Nocturnal Will" truly hit me straight away like a bolt of lightning! Absolutely amazing! And the vinyl has to be ordered too!
  3. Devil's Hammer
    by Pestilential Shadows
    Jackal Jackal
    Pestilential Shadows is one of my absolute favorite bands, and with this album they have established another highlight in the black metal genre! And now finally on vinyl!
  4. The Age of Man
    by NÀIRE
    Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone
    Yes, this is a beast of an album! Just listen to the track of the same name...
  5. Immemorial - Special Edition
    by Ravenlight
    Masque of Red Death Masque of Red Death
    The opener caught me straight away! Instrumentally great, not overloaded with bombast, and Rebecca´s operatic and easily understandable voice makes the listening pleasure perfect. An insider tip for everyone who loves the older Nightwish albums!
  6. Project Genesis
    by Ravenlight
    Where the Stars Grow Where the Stars Grow
    What an awesome discovery! Finest symphonic and female fronted power metal with a lot of catchy melodies and an interesting theme. You should try it out!
  7. Beyond The Threshold Of Twilight
    Invoking The Full Moon Invoking The Full Moon
    An unknown but truly great symphonic black metal classic! Definitely legendary!
  8. Die goldene Birke
    by walden
    Weltenbaum Weltenbaum
    There's no question about it: The nature-loving music of walden always impresses!
  9. Tragic Magic
    by SPELL
    Hades Embrace Hades Embrace
    Hypnotic heavy metal? Never heard of such a genre before. But regardless, this is a brilliant album, from start to finish!
  10. Landscape of Sorrow (EP 2023)
    by Tales of Mike
    Under the Pale Moonlight feat. Gonzalo Civita & Henrik Schaller Under the Pale Moonlight feat. Gonzalo Civita & Henrik Schaller
    Absolutely stunning epic doom metal! Want more of this! This band is a real surprise! Came out of nowhere, and with such a strong debut EP... Respect!
  11. Reign of the Reaper
    by Sorcerer
    Curse of Medusa Curse of Medusa
    Epic doom masterpiece! And the best Sorcerer album so far!
  12. Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror
    by Knights of Heliopolis (ex-Phoebus the Knight)
    The Scarlet Dance The Scarlet Dance
    Do you love Nightwish and similar symphonic and bombastic acts? Then you also will love this band! I love them even more! Absolute insider tip!
    Please take a look at our German review:
  13. The Cursed Lord
    by Knights of Heliopolis (ex-Phoebus the Knight)
    The Black Dungeon The Black Dungeon
    Ha, the debut album is already a blast, but this EP tops it all off! I´m looking forward to more songs from this very talented band!
  14. Cursed Shadow and Evil Revenant
    by Fog
    Cursed Cursed
    Everything Fog tackles is a great musical journey on the edge of hell, shrouded in the deepest darkness! Support immediately!
  15. The River
    by Gloosh
    Eternal Beginning: Rivulets \ The Source Eternal Beginning: Rivulets \ The Source
    From the deep heart of the Russian forests flows this dark metallic stream of music! For fans of bands like Kroda, Drevorod or Tsaver.
  16. Madrelingua
    by :UGN:
    Necromante Necromante
    Quite modern and yet harsh, filled with some interesting guitar chords that bring an unreal world to life. I´m more than excited to hear more!
  17. Transmutations
    Deep in the Catacombs Deep in the Catacombs
    In some tracks there is less death metal as I expected, but this makes "Transmutations" to something very interesting and special, a kind of avantgarde death metal. Highly recommended!
  18. Slumbering Sounds of the Frog Fellowship
    by Frog Concert
    Toad Antigua Toad Antigua
    Really nice idea to create such a lovely music!
  19. Quiet Snore of the Dream Peeper
    by Frog Concert
    Hear the Wind Say Goodnight Hear the Wind Say Goodnight
    Crazy but funny concert it is, isn´t it? Yes, it is!
  20. A Gesture Towards Ribbitdom
    by Frog Concert
    Courtesy in the Croak of Honor Courtesy in the Croak of Honor
    Mr. Toad from "The Wind in the Willows" would love this music!