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  1. :I:
    by Månskensdvärgar
    Kvällsvila Kvällsvila
    Minimalist but crystal clear music that brings long forgotten, ancient fairy tales back to life on the surface of consciousness.
  2. Rasputin
    III Tainstvo III Tainstvo
    If you like drone, you will surely love this album. Everyone else will go mad here, hahaha...
  3. Per Aspera Ad Astra
    by Ritualia Hominis
    An die Zeit verloren An die Zeit verloren
    Ritualia Hominis essentially make a classic, but also somehow slightly progressive black metal, which definitely summons a very special atmosphere. Give it a try!
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  4. Revenant
    by Pestilential Shadows
    The Sword Of Damocles The Sword Of Damocles
    Pestilential Shadows have grown into one of my favorite bands pretty quickly, and this album just confirms that even more impressively. Perfect guitar and drum walls pound everything into the ground here!
  5. Verhängnis (EP)
    by NachtAltar
    Still verzerrt sich wund mein Herz Still verzerrt sich wund mein Herz
    "Verhängnis" was created with a lot of tones between black and gray and has its finger on the pulse of time both musically and conceptually. Really well done music!
    by SVIERG
    Virgo Virgo
    The idea of the cold cosmic space and the pure power of black metal result in such a fine mixture as it has solidified in these Svierg tracks here.
  7. In Memoriam, Ill Omen
    by Pestilential Shadows
    For Man and Heaven's Ruin For Man and Heaven's Ruin
    Another mighty, pestilential punch in the face of all religions!
  8. Cursed
    by Pestilential Shadows
    To Ruin To Ruin
    Truly a black metal masterpiece! Hard to decide which song is the best one!
  9. Embrace After Death
    by Pestilential Shadows
    Haunting Gallows Haunting Gallows
    Well, the production of this Pestilential Shadows debut album may be quite low, but the music presented here has its own very special and dark atmosphere. It´s definitely worth listening to!
  10. Conqueror Worm
    by Sepulchre by the Sea
    Conqueror Worm Conqueror Worm
    "Conqueror Worm" is a beautiful and solid, almost poetic record, Sepulcher by the Sea a very interesting project that is certainly blessed with a golden future.
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  11. Wie ein Baum aus dem Nebel
    by Licht- und Schattensaiten
    Neues Licht auf alte Schatten Neues Licht auf alte Schatten
    There is a lot of nature inspired black metal music, but only a few artists sound as authentic and fresh and are in harmony with the five elements as Licht- und Schattensaiten. So don´t neglect, don´t miss this wonderfully album!
  12. by Dissonanz
    Dystopie/Das was ihr Freiheit nennt Dystopie/Das was ihr Freiheit nennt
    Black metal with very modern influences. Really unusual, but that´s why i´s so interesting and good!
  13. Infernal Aphorism
    by Nazghor
    Infernal Aphorism Infernal Aphorism
    Furious, melodic, catchy and gloomy - that´s a perfect black metal run!
  14. The Forest Transcends
    by Neriglissar
    The Forest Transcends The Forest Transcends
    The one-man project Neriglissar has changed slightly musically since the last EP, but the further development is definitely going in the right direction. The clear singing and the dreamy melodies are like a gateway to a new world. Really well done!
  15. Cold Landscapes
    by Alastor
    The Essence of Ice The Essence of Ice
    "Cold Landscapes" is a worthy successor to "Šumava", which both thematically and musically follows the same nature-loving paths. The most beautiful thing is the LP release, which contains the 5 tracks of "The Forbidden Fruit of Purity" as a bonus on side B!
  16. δóξα
    by Plutonyan
    I.II [Von gutem Willen sprechen wir] I.II [Von gutem Willen sprechen wir]
    A new hope in the German starry sky, that´s Plutonyan! Support this project!
  17. Rain Eternal
    by Skognatt
    Eternal Eternal
    "Rain Eternal" is no exception, this EP is just as worth a listen as anything else from Skognatt!
  18. Rubedo
    by Shuulak
    The Azoth The Azoth
    Definitely my new favorite metal band from this genre!!!
  19. Citrinitas
    by Shuulak
    Chaosborn Chaosborn
    Instrumental inferno on all levels! And the singing couldn't have been more appropriate!!!
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  20. Albedo
    by Shuulak
    Hunter's Moon Hunter's Moon
    Melodic as hell!!!