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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Iso-Elation
    by HiddenRoad
  2. Three The Hard Way
    by Fubar, Hidden & M-Acculate
  3. The 5th Element
    by Neaality Gandhi
  4. UCF
    by Ucanfind
  5. The Collection Vol.2 (#Freetape)
    by HRS Presents
  6. 2+2=5 (a tribute to society)
    by John Rhymer
  7. The Lone Swordsman
    by Hidden
  8. Underground Influence
    by ClarkyArtist
  9. Full Steam Vol. 2 (#Freetape)
    by HRS Presents
  10. C-4
    by Hidden vs. A Dude Named Drew
  11. Outlawz
    by Pale Riderz
  12. Crooked Future
    by Gemiini
  13. DJ Chucky's Best of 2020 (#Freetape)
    by HRS Presents
  14. Walking Through Flames
    by Conflict
  15. Lockdown (feat. SoulKeeper & Hidden)
    by Neaality Gandhi
  16. Back On (feat. Billy Boi)
    by Hidden
  17. The Archive
    by Hidden & N95
  18. Favourite Features (#Freetape)
    by HRS Presents
  19. A Man With A Hammer In A Land Of Fine China
    by M-Acculate
  20. The Collection Vol.1 (#Freetape)
    by HRS Presents