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Andrew Triplett

  1. Alexandria, Virginia
  2. Rock
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  1. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong
    by King Bong
  2. Three Kings In Darkness
    by Motherslug
  3. Bennington Triangle Blues
    by Monobrow
    by Space Mushroom Fuzz
  5. So Flows Our Fate
    by Morass Of Molasses
  6. Liquid Sleep EP
    by 1000mods
  7. Neon Warship
    by Neon Warship
  8. Big Sky, Black Horse
    by Monobrow
  9. Saturdays and Space Travels
    by Black Bombaim
  10. Live At Roadburn 2009
    by Wino
  11. JOY (2012)
    by JOY
  12. Swamp of Sounds
    by Chivo
  13. Tijuana Goat Ride
    by Tijuana Goat Ride
    We Will Never Be Named We Will Never Be Named
    Great Groovy Metal, you can tell these guys know their instruments inside and out with the amount of subtleties/changes/technical ability they have, plus their ability to change tempo at flawlessly.
  14. Psychonaut
    by The Cosmic Dead
  15. Cave Paintings
    by Octopus Brothel
  16. That Night a Forest Grew
    by The Odious
  17. Book Of Hours
    by Sleestak
  18. Ode to Maximum
    by Zippo
  19. Red Stone Souls
    by Red Stone Souls
  20. Steam Machine Museum
    by Mother Mars
  21. Bardo Abgrund Temple
    by Fungal Abyss
  22. Before the Eyewall
    by Before the Eyewall
  23. Magic Carpet Ride
    by Brain Pyramid
  24. Racoon Moon
    by Cartography
    Gilgamesh Gilgamesh
  25. Heads on Fire
    by White Hills
  26. Flashing Open
    by Plastic Crimewave Sound
  27. World Music
    by Goat
  28. Mammatus
    by Mammatus
  29. Which Side are you on?
    by The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers
  30. Dropout with the White Hills II
    by Gnod
  31. 34:26 (Live EP)
    by Zechs Marquise
  32. South of Salem
    by Witch Mountain
  33. The Wait
    by Freedom To Glide
  34. Everpresent
    by Stitch
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. The Strange Tale Of Samuel Gonzalez
    by Hesper Payne
  36. Relics of the Deep Dark Woods
    by Hesper Payne
  37. Titans of the Northsea EP
    by Hesper Payne
  38. Dreamer in the Deep EP
    by Hesper Payne
  39. Unclean Rituals
    by Hesper Payne
  40. Mrs. Absinthe (remastered)
    by The South
    Some great Heavy, Gritty Blues!
  41. SWAMP
    by Coat
  42. Looking Glass III
    by Looking Glass
    Wizard or the Skull Wizard or the Skull
    Amazing Guitar Work!!! Just Straight Up Great Heavy Psychedelic Rock!!!!
  43. Take The Potion
    by ROMERO
    Take The Potion Take The Potion
  44. Feorm
    by Feorm
  45. A Hocht
    by Slomatics