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  1. Panzer Paladin (Classic 8-bit Soundtrack)
    by Patrice Bourgeault
  2. Sam & Max Save The World
    by Jared Emerson-Johnson
  3. Cosmic Star Heroine - Original Soundtrack
    by HyperDuck SoundWorks
  4. A Tribute to SHATTERHAND
    by MunzadetH
  5. Sonic 1 & 2 on GBA
    by Kaseboy Advance
  6. CrossCode Original Soundtrack EX
    by Deniz Akbulut
  7. CrossCode (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Deniz Akbulut
  8. Gunpoint - The Soundtrack
    by Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda, and John Robert Matz
  9. Super Punch Patrol
    by Arne Hörberg
  10. Streets of Rage 4
    by Olivier Deriviere
  11. Creatures of Aether: FM TRACKS
  12. Kingsway
    by Landon Podbielski
  13. Killer Instinct Super Nintendo OST
    by Graeme Norgate
  14. Wargroove
    by Phonetic Hero
    by Phonetic Hero
  16. SNESTropics
    by AndreTheXLR8R
  17. Switched ON: Secret of Mana
    by Switched On
  18. Switched On: A Link to the Past (Extended Edition)
    by Switched On
  19. Tetris® Effect Original Soundtrack
    by Hydelic
  20. GANG BEASTS Original Soundtrack
    by doseone & Bob Larder