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  1. Substanz
    by Heretoir
    (CD1) Ein Schrey in die Nacht (CD1) Ein Schrey in die Nacht
  2. Perfect
    by Oeil
  3. Grim Shady - LP
    by J.K. The Reaper
    Suicide Note Suicide Note
  4. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
  5. girl echo suns veils
    by Lovesliescrushing
  6. Buds
    by Surf Curse
  7. Leave You
    by Elastic Sleep
  8. Hope you're doing well
    by roc
  9. A Crow Looked At Me
    by Mount Eerie
  10. bleak week
    by dandelion hands
    self harmageddon self harmageddon
    by dandelion hands
  12. 19
    by dandelion hands
  13. dandelion hands is dead!! vol 2
    by dandelion hands
  14. it's all in your head
    by dandelion hands
  15. noise, rarities, demos, sincerely yours, and the unfinished
    by dandelion hands
    by dandelion hands
  17. sing me something sweet to sleep to
    by dandelion hands
    by dandelion hands
  19. Nothing Yet
    by Surf Curse
  20. goretrance x
    by goreshit
    i love you more each time you die i love you more each time you die