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  1. q Em R
    by Elegance of the Damned
    SUBJ 2 SUBJ 2
  2. Psyche - Compilation I
    by Spin the Disc
    Chromogenesis Chromogenesis
  3. Album 7
    by James Roach
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Emerald Hill (2 player vs. mode) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Emerald Hill (2 player vs. mode)
  4. The 20th Doom - EP3 - Chiptuned Inferno
    by Shiryu
    Hell Keep of Doom Hell Keep of Doom
  5. The 20th Doom - EP2 - The Chiptunes of Hell
    by Shiryu
    Deimos Anomaly of Doom Deimos Anomaly of Doom
  6. The 20th Doom - EP1 - Knee-Deep In The Chiptune
    by Shiryu
    Hangar of Doom (2014 Version) Hangar of Doom (2014 Version)
  7. Pazit
    by Australian Jewish Music Ensemble
    Kol Dodi Kol Dodi
    Excellent Jewish Jazz product.
    This is a proof that Jewish music can sound innovative and vibrant!

    Great job!
  8. Noisechan & Nugget: Adventures in Chiptunes
    by Noise Channel Radio
    Bgrusko Meow Bgrusko Meow
    This stuff is F*7king amazing!!!
  9. Ruby Dagger
    by Starship Amazing
    Cyberfreak Burnouts Cyberfreak Burnouts
    A great improvement over their other releases. This time it sounds much more professional.

    So professional that I don't remember any of the tracks I was listening to in contrast to their former memorable releases. =(

    Yet, I must note the track Cyberfreak Burnouts for it's excellent quality, cheerful & rude feel and it's bust! Too bad it is the shortest! Under two minutes! =(

    Overally, it is very solid and professional indeed, Much more mature in feel,
  10. Internet Girlfriends
    by MisfitChris
    Hazey Days Hazey Days
    I probably really love his allegedly bad music if I keep buying his stuff.

    Anyway, Hazey Days was the most enjoyable, Mostly because of the girl... And the cat.
  11. Gundam The V Project
    by Shiryu
    Mission 1 - Defend Luna ][ Mission 1 - Defend Luna ][
    I should have bought XXXIII instead!
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Shiryu Gold
    by Shiryu
    L33tism Gold L33tism Gold
    It may be done professionally but actually it isn't much memorable to me!

    I still prefer big commercial releases like "Bionic Pulse Method" which may remind this!

    Shiryu does deserve your support for his dedication to music creating.
    that can be seen trough a great line of various music albums and styles that he worked on!
  13. Data Tides
    by MisfitChris
    The Scruffy Creature The Scruffy Creature
    I paid 7 smackers for this Shizzle!
    Good Job! Mute!

    We all know that MisfitChris makes creepy music on purpose!

    I am also sure that "The Scruffy Creature" is another reference to a cat... As he must have that motive at least once in each one of his releases!
  14. Adventures in Pixels
    by Ben Landis
    Matt's Theme Matt's Theme
    Very nice and sympathetic attempt!
    As far as I know it is the first and only of Ben Landis.

    It was worth supporting it!
  15. Graveyard Tracks
    by MisfitChris
    Missile Command Missile Command
    Kinda Average.
  16. Famicom Sessions Special Edition
    by MisfitChris
    Welcome To Famicom Sessions Welcome To Famicom Sessions
    I bought it mostly because of the excellent remixes and that first sympathetic tune: "Welcome to Famicom Sessions"... All the other Famicom tunes makes it feel like a musical vomit, makes it excellent job from the artist!
  17. Cat Astro Phi OST
    by Disasterpeace
    Nuke This Site From Orbit Nuke This Site From Orbit
  18. An Apocalypse In Binary: The Memoirs of Gearhart Deckrion
    by Starship Amazing
    Born Like This, Into This Born Like This, Into This
    Along with Scoops the Robot I found it their first album that is in a good quality, continued later by other excellent pieces that I should find my time and cash to buy!
  19. Scoops The Robot
    by Starship Amazing
    Boys...Men...DUDES! Boys...Men...DUDES!
    Along with Apocalypse in Binary, I found it their first album that is in a good quality, continued later by other excellent pieces that I should find my time and cash to buy!