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  1. Entering the Night
  2. Lips \ Steel
    by Acryl Madness, Starfounder
  3. Astalon: Tears of the Earth - Original Sound Version
    by Matt Kap
  4. Astalon: Tears of the Earth - Super Arrange Version
    by Matt Kap
  5. Castle In The Darkness OST
    by Matt Kap
  6. Social Networking Services
    by Tsundere Alley
  7. Neon City
    by Stan DuClare
  8. Cop Movie
    by Last Action Hero
  9. Insomnia
    by Projecteur
  10. Essence of Nostalgia EP
    by Astrophysics
  11. Neon Dreams
    by Sierra Rosso
  12. Cerise
    by Moe Shop
  13. Slice of Life
    by cute girls doing cute things
  14. WWW (feat. EDOGA-SULLIVAN)
    by Moe Shop
  15. Synthetic Magic
    by Astrophysics
    Magia feat. Stella Magia feat. Stella
  16. Platinum Disco
    by Astrophysics
  17. Flamingo (synthwave/80s remix)
    by Astrophysics
    Flamingo Flamingo
  18. Nirvana Pilot Yume: Official Videogame Soundtrack
    by Retröxx
  19. Plastic Love
    by Astrophysics
    Plastic Love Plastic Love
  20. Komm, Süsser Tod (synthwave 80s remixes)
    by Astrophysics