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  1. Peel
    by KMRU
  2. en vivo en laboratori estudio
    by américa analógica
  3. cortezas
    by américa analógica
    Austere and spectral, a hypnotic mixture of natural field recordings and nylon-string guitar.
  4. fragmentos 2016-2019
    by américa analógica
  5. Big Tex, Here We Come
    by Andrew Weathers & Hayden Pedigo
    Dry Country Ramble Dry Country Ramble
    The world needs more Windham Hill Summer Bangers and many thanks to Weathers and Pedigo for providing them. These poignant songs have all the earnestness and sensitivity of a road trip with your best friends along an empty highway, a laconic gaze that extends towards the ever-liminal horizon.
  6. Music for Living Spaces
    by Green-House
    Sunflower Dance Sunflower Dance
    Shades of Laurie Spiegel, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Joe Hisaishi, Mort Garson, and other pioneers of the electronic New Age are just some touchstones this listener hears in Ardizoni's compositions. Each feels like a still life that yet moves and breathes, portals into a world where humans, machines, and nature all interrelate harmoniously.
  7. With The Windows Open
    by Lake Mary & Oxherding
    Traces of Water Traces of Water
    A sweeping, open-hearted pastoral, evoking (for this listener) not only the music of guitar soli, but the literature of Kent Haruf and the films of Kelly Reichardt, a love letter to the quiet grandeur of the American West.
  8. Axacan
    by Daniel Bachman
    Big Summer Big Summer
    A searing, meditative, and mournful elegy. A reckoning built from guitar, field recordings, harmonium, searing noise, a clarion call for a time of prolonged crisis and transformation.
  9. Yamawarau (山笑う)
    by Jusell, Prymek, Sage, Shiroishi
    Kodama Kodama
    After the autumnal elegy of Fuubutsushi and the warm hibernation of Setsubun, Yamawarau emerges like a butterfly into a new world bursting with life. With a signature style that nonetheless continues to evolve, these four players have shown that the summer sky may truly be the limit to their ambitions.
  10. Scenes of Scapes
    by Kenji Kihara
    End of Summer End of Summer
    Kenji Kihara has crafted a stunning sonic experience. All the hypnotic and sublime grandeur of a midsummer's afternoon, as if watching clouds drift lazily over a meadow.
  11. Deeper Than the Sea, Higher Than the Sky
    by Ash Brooks & ML Wah
  12. Starbathing
    by Starbirthed
  13. When I Come Around - EP
    by Nap Eyes
  14. Virga II
    by Eluvium
  15. Live
    by Witches Broom
  16. Temple of Spring
    by Black Brunswicker
  17. In Place Of Real Insight
    by Karate
    The New Hangout Condition The New Hangout Condition
    By subtly expanding their sound, Karate's second LP is a beautifully crafted mix of Punk ethos, earnest second-wave Emo, pensive Slowcore, and the intricate tempo changes of Post-Hardcore.
  18. With The Windows Open
    by Lake Mary & Oxherding
  19. Lost Futures
    by Marisa Anderson/William Tyler
  20. modern folk 666
    by the modern folk