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  1. Gold Chain Warrior
    by Supreme Cerebral x Reckonize Real
    Culture/Freedom Feat. Rasheed Chappell, John Robinson & Eloh Kush Culture/Freedom Feat. Rasheed Chappell, John Robinson & Eloh Kush
    John & Rasheed passing the torch & paying dues to cerebral for continuing the tradition of conscious rap. Yo S. Cerebral , u Eva thought of teaming up wit recognize Ali? U guys da only tough rappers putting out conscious shit in this era . u guys would kill an album produced by a producer like tone spliff, recognize real Or big ghost. That ish would be an instant classic and would prove that griselda ain't the only ones holding it down for us old heads ! That album slaps good looks !
    by BIG TURKS
    Lionman (feat. Solomon Childs & Chong Wizard) Lionman (feat. Solomon Childs & Chong Wizard)
    Slept on underground classic . this was an unexpected masterpiece . the chemistry between the 3 mcs goes unsaid and they embody the NYC 90s feel. Each with a unique style the 3 blend seamlessly without being tiring . the beats are atmospheric and soulful to the core. Each MC is a formidable force on their own but together they are something special . most groups would not make a complex concept album with middle eastern tones as their debut record but here , big Turks pull it off!
  3. Thx4UrHONESTY.[liar]
    by Ardamus
  4. Deadpan Darling
    by Deadpan Darling, Ceschi, Blue Sky Black Death
  5. LORE
    by Dark Time Sunshine
    by Gruff Lion x Jeff Markey
  7. Horse Power
    by Swamp Thing
    Synth Notes Synth Notes
    IMO one of S.T's best many bangers its impossible to not nod ur head. it's fresh to hear them update their sounds and experiment new ideas . as vocalists they sound refreshed and hungry as ever. the album has very dark tone and the vivid imagery reflects well with the mystical and exciting musical backdrop. Chemistry is as good as ever with Tim & company flowing back and forth effortlessly ending each others sentences on par with Red & Meth. these guys are fantastic for the culture !
    by GourmetDeluxxx
    damn machines merch is always so hard to get . so stoked to finally grab a cd. this short mini album is dope as fuck . the whailing guitars match conways visceral delivery perfectly. conways on his A game right now and I'm glad to be apart of the movement . I prefer this to lulu and his newest full length debut . big ghosts is also on a he'll of a run , thie generation is lucky to have him .
    by UFO FEV
    prior to this project, I never fully enjoyed a UFO project, but always recognized the "it" factor that this project fully displays . his mic presence and confidence is monumental and evident. His personality is is on full display and handles a great deal of the hooks himself and kills it . The instrumental pallette stays rooted in Hispanic cultured sounds and keeps a cohesive sound through out. UFO got bars , flow,personality,substance and everything else you'd want from a rapper CHECK IT OUT!
  10. Sacred Psalms
    by Elcamino x 38 Spesh
    What I Be On What I Be On
    melodies and flows are on point .some real sticky hooks and some vivid street tales. his vocal approach with this project is very unique for camino .IMO sacred psalms is el Cam' s best work. cohesive with a central sound and is very versatile. was not a huge fan of el Cam' before this but will definetlly be given his other stuff a few more spins because this sheet is dope as fuk!
  11. Exorcise Tape (Esorcizzare Nastro)
    by Demon Queen
    Demon Practice (feat. N8NOFACE) Demon Practice (feat. N8NOFACE)
    not my favorite style or genre of music , but this is fantastic. Zach's tradition funk vocal approach mixed with his grimey punk roots are a perfect compliment to tobaccos whacky left field retro electronic makes for a very unique and exciting listen . take 80s funk vocals 90,s synthesized electronics blend it up and add a touch of punk aesthetics and u got demon queen . check it out !
  12. Ebony Tusks - Heal_Thyself
    by Ebony Tusks
  13. Captures, Vol. 1
    hey guys love ur album . beats R hard as nails while maintaining a sophisticated N artsy approach , like madlib did an album with def jux in 05! the raps are fantastic and the flow is precise . the stories are grim and the rhyme schemes are complex. I did not recieve the cd though ? ordered it a couple months ago . name is Darren ramsden . email associated with my bandcamp is , I no longer use that email if u need to contact me email Barrington NH
  14. Midnight Sons
    by Zilla Rocca & Chong Wizard
    Look The Other Way Look The Other Way
    Fantastic album. Dark ,cinematic grimey, layered and entertaining. There are some fKn heaters on this project. Not a huge fan of either but zilla is on one he'll of a creative streak with shrapnel cargo cults and now this. A must have for any fan of underground hardcore hip hop with great story telling, personality and great flows. Would love these 2 to link again !
    by FREAKY
  16. FlySiifu's
    by Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin
    This record is straight vibes . fly Ann s battle ready rapid flow is a great offset to pinks soft , gentle and unsettling delivery .the jazz vibes are refreshing and its is a very cohesive . my only gripe is to many skits and interludes . would have enjoyed it much more with some more music . even with that its still one of my favorite hip hop releases this year!
  17. Electric Sheep
    by Touch & DJ Matto
  18. Lady Parts
    by Fudge
  19. West of Eden
    by HMLTD
  20. Visions of Bodies Being Burned
    by clipping.